Tyler Herro says he’s better than players ‘that have gotten paid’

Boston Celtics v Miami Heat - Game Seven
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RJ Barrett signed a rookie contract extension for four years, $107 million fully guaranteed that could climb to $120 million with incentives. Several others out of the 2019 draft class — Ja Morant, Zion Williamson, Darius Garland — earned max contract extensions with their team.

Tyler Herro is still waiting on his extension with the Miami Heat.

And with that baked in Herro confidence, he said he is better than some players he has seen getting paid, he told Ira Winderman of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel.

“I was active early in the summer,” he told the South Florida Sun Sentinel of the extension window that opened in July. “Then I realized it wasn’t going to get done, if it does get done, until later. So I just told my agent to call me when it’s ready. “So we haven’t really spoken much about the contract. Obviously, I tell him to call me when it’s ready. If it’s not ready, I continue to play my game and figure it out next summer…

“There’s players across the league that have gotten paid who I know I’m better than. So it’s got to be the right number,” he said, with the Heat continuing camp on makeshift courts at the [ Baha Mar resort in the Bahamas].

One reason an extension for Herro has not gotten done — and may not get done before the Oct. 18 deadline — is Herro is the Heat’s best trade asset to go after a big name. Once he signs an extension that is off the table, something Winderman and I have discussed in our weekly video/podcast on the Heat and NBA.

The other question on a Herro extension is what is the “right number?” Did the Knicks’ Barrett set the market with his extension?

Maybe Barrett is one of the players Herro “knows” he is better than, but that would not be the consensus of scouts and free agents around the league. Herro has hardware as the reigning Sixth Man of the Year, he puts up numbers averaging 20.7 points a game while shooting 39.9% from 3 last season, he can do some secondary play creation and has had big playoff games. He has real value.

However, as Winderman has pointed out, Herro has started just 33 games across three years, compared to Barrett’s 197 starts. More importantly, Herro’s defensive limitations limited how Eric Spoelstra could use him in the playoffs. Then there is the matter of load carried. Barrett was the No. 1 option for the Knicks last season (with Julius Randle falling off) and even with the signing of Jalen Brunson, Barrett is option No.1 or 1B for Tom Thibodeau. Herro is down the Heat pecking order behind Bam AdebayoJimmy Butler, and maybe Kyle Lowry depending on how he bounces back from a down year. The Heat don’t need Herro the way the Knicks need Barrett right now, which is one key reason Herro is available via trade.

Would Herro take a four-year, $105 extension? Would the Heat even offer it? If Miami is hoping for a trade at the deadline, it may wait on an offer and let the market set Herro’s price as a restricted free agent next summer. For Herro, that would give him a chance to prove he is a starter and that his defense has improved — that he is worth more than the Heat had been offering.

If the Heat and Herro agree on an extension, look for it to be in a couple of weeks, pushing up against that October deadline.


Report: Heat, Celtics, Mavericks, Grizzlies may show interest in Crowder trade

2022 NBA Playoffs - 	Dallas Mavericks v Phoenix Suns
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The Phoenix Suns had media day on Monday, but veteran Jae Crowder was not there, part of a mutual agreement with the team to sit out until a trade could be found. It left players and GM James Jones addressing the issue.

What teams are interested in Crowder? Shams Charania of The Athletic says to watch for the Heat, Celtics, Mavericks and Grizzlies among others.

Miami has been at the front of the line in terms of interest (and Crowder has suggested online he would welcome a return to Miami). The Heat have minutes to fill at the four after P.J. Tucker left for Philly and Crowder — who was on the Heat team that went to the bubble Finals against the Lakers — would be a solid fit. Putting together a trade is a little more tricky. The Heat would likely want Duncan Robinson at the core of the deal, but to make the salaries match the Suns would have to throw in another player — Dario Saric, Landry Shamet, Cameron Payne, Torey Craig — and that means the Heat have to throw in a pick (a protected first) or a minimum-contract player (Gabe Vincent?) to make the deal work. Not impossible, but not likely.

The Celtics need depth at the four but what they can offer is bench minutes, filling Danilo Gallinari‘s role (he is out for the season with a torn ACL) but putting together a trade is next to impossible financially considering who Boston would be willing to give up (not Robert Williams). Dallas could put together a deal if the Suns are interested in Dwight Powell (probably not, the Suns just paid Deandre Ayton a lot of money to be their center) or Reggie Bullock. Memphis could send out the dead money of the Danny Green contract (out for the season due to injury) and picks, or Ziaire Williamson and some minimum players (probably also with picks). Atlanta, Chicago and other destinations have come out in rumors.

As for why Crowder pushed for a trade, the man himself posted his own hype video on Instagram and Tweeted this.

ESPN’s Brian Windhorst reported the most heard speculation around the league as to the reason — the Suns were going to start Cameron Johnson at the four to have more shooting and Crowder wanted none of that — but the reason now is moot. Crowder will get traded.

The only questions are when and where.

Report: Suns actively working toward Jae Crowder trade

NBA 2022 Playoffs - Phoenix Suns v Dallas Mavericks
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It’s no secret Jae Crowder wants a trade out of Phoenix. Beyond the rumors around the league all summer, there was him pinning an Instagram comment about the Heat trading to get Crowder back. The Suns are likely to give Cam Johnson a lot of Crowder’s minutes this season to get more shooting on the floor, and Phoenix is one of the teams in the mix for a Bojan Bogdanovic trade with Utah, according to multiple reports.

ESPN’s Brian Windhorst said on NBA Today the Suns are talking to teams about a Crowder trade (hat tip BasketballNews.com).

“They are very active in this last week conducting business,” Windhorst said. “They’re in trade negotiations right now. A lot of them are centered around Jae Crowder. Jae Crowder is a player who is available on the market right now.”

The Heat are looking for help at the four after P.J. Tucker left and have interest in Crowder (as well as Bogdanovic). Miami could send back more shooting to Phoenix in the form of Duncan Robinson. However, to make that work the Suns would have to throw in another player — Cameron Payne or Torey Craig — and would likely want a pick or rookie Nikola Jovic from the Heat as well.

Boston is looking for depth at the four after the ACL injury of Danilo Gallinari and would have Crowder interest, but it’s very difficult to make the salaries match in a trade that would work for Boston. New York also has been rumored and would put Cam Reddish in any trade. However, they would still need to throw in more players to make the salaries match (Obi Toppin works but is too steep a price, Immanuel Quickley also works but the Knicks should be hesitant to trade good young players for the 32-year-old Crowder).

Expect Crowder to be on a new team by the time the season starts. It’s a case where both player and team are ready to move on from their relationship.

Poole, Herro, Brogdon early betting favorites for Sixth Man of the Year


Sixth Man of the Year is one of the most challenging awards to predict preseason for one simple reason: The players often best in this role get bumped up to starter (sometimes to cover an injury, sometimes to get more minutes).

That is the case with some familiar names at the top of this year’s preseason Sixth Man of the Year odds. For example, the reigning award winner, Tyler Herro out of Miami, wants to start this season and may well get a chance.

NBC’s partner at Points Bet has its preseason odds out for the 2023 Sixth Man of the Year award and there are a lot of familiar names at the top of the list with Herro. Here are the top 12:

Jordan Poole (Warriors) +400
Tyler Herro (Heat) +650
Malcolm Brogdon (Celtics) +1000
Bones Hyland (Nuggets) +1400
Jordan Clarkson (Jazz) +1800
Spencer Dinwiddie (Mavericks) +2000
Norman Powell (Clippers) +2000
Brandon Clarke (Grizzlies) +2200
Anfernee Simons (Trail Blazers) +2500
Kevin Love (Cavaliers) +2500
Immanuel Quickley (Knicks) +2500
Bogdan Bogdanovic (Hawks) +2500

A few quick thoughts on that list:

• Poole deserves to be the favorite. He very well could take home the award.

• Jordan Clarkson has won Sixth Man of the Year before and is always a good bet to be in the mix as a volume scorer off the bench, but his chances to win will depend on where he gets traded. He may be the next Jazz veteran on the move.

• As noted above, Herro wants to start and likely will get the chance in Miami.

• Kevin Love finished second in the voting last season, and his team is about to be in a much bigger spotlight and win a lot more games. He has accepted his role and is a real threat to win this award.

• Bones Hyland is a sneaky good call if he can make a leap in his second season. He certainly is going to get the opportunity.

• Norman Powell might be my pick, leading a good Clippers bench on a team that will win a lot of games, but how many games will he start this season? It could be a lot of Paul George and Kawhi Leonard can’t stay healthy.

Udonis Haslem says he didn’t talk to ‘godfather’ Pat Riley first two years with Heat

Pat Riley says no contact or interest in Lakers return
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Udonis Haslem is not a man who gets intimidated.

The icon of Heat culture is about to enter his 20th NBA season and he backs down from nobody. But Haslem admitted in a recent interview when he first came to the Heat he avoided talking to team president Pat Riley because of his mob, Godfather vibe.

“Pat Riley, the symbol, you probably wanna look at some mob s***. I ain’t never been afraid of no man but I think the first two years with the Miami Heat I didn’t speak to Pat. It was just uncomfortable, the slicked back hair, the pants and shoes. I watched Godfather. I seen all that s***. I think the first couple of years, it was just uncomfortable. Pat Riley, the image, I think people hit the nail on the head. He’s just f****** Godfather. Pat Riley, the man is a winner, like myself, regardless of what situation he’s been put in. He wasn’t the greatest basketball player. He wasn’t obviously the greatest coach the way the situation started out … He maximized that opportunity. The sky was the limit.”

That sums up Riley well — he has made himself a success at every level of basketball. He can be intimidating, but he is also shrewd, clever, and maybe the best recruiter of any front office member in the league — he splashed his five championship rings in front of LeBron James when they talked before his move to Miami.

Riley and the culture he helped the Heat build is a crucial reason Miami is an NBA destination, one of the few teams where top free agents are willing to go (the weather, lifestyle, and no state income tax also help). The Heat remain title contenders this season — they had the best record in the conference last season, and if Jimmy Butler drained a late playoff three against the Celtics we might be talking about a Finals team — but while other East teams improved this offseason the Heat lost P.J. Tucker and Markieff Morris. There are questions.

But there is no question Pat Riley and Udonis Haslem will lead them. Those men understand each other… now.