Will Ferrell

Facebook drive started to get Will Ferrell to do All-Star Intros


Will Ferrell killed it in New Orleans doing the introductions with the Bulls/Hornets game the other day…

Why not have him do the player introductions at the All-Star Game in Orlando at the end of the month?

There’s now a Facebook page/campaign where you can like the idea, with the goal of showing so much fan support that the NBA gives in and has him does it. (Hat tip to KD at Ball Don’t Lie.) Which is not going to happen. I’d love it to happen — big Will Ferrell fan here — but it’s not going to happen. Ferrell can be unpredictable; the league doesn’t like unpredictable on its biggest stages.

But go ahead and like this anyway. Can’t hurt.

Video: Will Ferrell with the best team introductions ever


In case you missed us warning you earlier, Will Ferrell did the team introductions for the Bulls at Hornets game tonight, and it was vintage Ferrell.

Did you know Luol Deng has a pet dolphin named Chachi? That Derrick Rose’s favorite movie is “The Notebook?” That Trevor Ariza doesn’t think Ferrell is funny? (Just basing that on his reaction to his intro.)

Really, every team should have Ferrell come in and do this. Although $5 says Kevin Garnett wouldn’t find him funny either.