Vitor Faverani

Celtics’ big man Vitor Faverani has knee surgery, out 6-8 weeks


We had told you that Vitor Faverani had gone to Spain to have his knee evaluated, which has led to speculation the Celtics might cut him loose.

Once his knee was evaluated, Faverani elected to have surgery and do it in Spain, the Celtics announced.

Six to eight weeks obviously keeps him out until at least early December, maybe later.

The speculation he may get waived comes down to this: Even if he’s healthy he’s not going to play a lot. Kelly Olynyk starts at center and Tyler Zeller has played decently in camp and can be the backup five. After that there is Joel Anthony or you can slide Brandon Bass over to the five if you want to play small.

Which means, if there is a wing player they like better the Celtics can afford to lose Faverani and eat his $2 million salary this season. Again, just something to watch as the hard cuts start coming for teams in the next couple weeks before the season tips off.

Rumor: Celtics may waive Vitor Faverani


The Boston Celtics have guys with 16 guaranteed contracts on the roster, someone has to be waived before the season starts as you can only carry 15.

Brazilian center Vitor Faverani has left the Celtics training camp to go to a trusted doctor in Spain to get a second opinion on his troublesome left knee, as reported by A. Sherrod Blakely at Another surgery is not out of the question.

All of that has rumors flying that Boston could cut Faverani loose. The fantastic Sportando has the rumor.

Boston Celtics are considering waiving Brazilian big-man Vitor Faverani, sources told Sportando. Faverani is still recovering from a knee injury and his condition remains uncertain…Brazilian big man has another year of contract and could make a little more than $2 million this season.

This season’s contract is fully guaranteed but the last two years of his $6 million deal are not, so the Celtics would only eat the salary on this season (it would count against their cap).

And even if his knee gets better he’s not going to play much. Jared Sullinger and Kelly Olynyk start up front for Boston, Brandon Bass and Tyler Zeller are the first two off the bench, then there is Joel Anthony. Faverani isn’t going to play much no matter how his knee feels.

Just something to watch.

ProBasketballTalk 2014-15 Preview: Boston Celtics


Last season: The Celtics went 25-57, their worst record and first time out of the playoffs since their championship.

Boston set up its fate by trading Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce before the season, and Rajon Rondo missing a majority of the year due to injury sealed it.

Brad Stevens worked through his first NBA season and had his team playing hard, but the Celtics just didn’t have enough talent to compete for a playoff spot – even in the East. Brandon Bass was their best player. Let me repeat: Brandon Bass was their best player.

Signature highlight from last season: If you want the Celtics’ best play of the season, it’s Jeff Green catching an inbound with 0.6 seconds remaining and nailing a 3-pointer to beat the Heat:

But if you want the moment that truly captures Boston’s season, it’s Rajon Rondo sitting on the bench and cringing at the box score. The video has been pulled, but he asked for a box score, looked down at it and shuddered. Rondo on the bench, the Celtics losing and their star player unhappy – Boston’s year in a nutshell.

Key offseason moves:

Keys to the Celtics’ season:

Fitting in Rajon Rondo: This starts on the court, where Rondo is an All-Star-caliber guard. He’s an excellent passer, hounding defender and very good rebounder for his position.

But his skills are best used with other good players around him, and the Celtics are woefully short on those – which is why they might trade him.

There was a report Rondo asked to be traded this summer, and of course, denials followed. For now, we’re all in wait-and-see mode.

Rondo’s contract ends after the season, and he’s notoriously prickly, especially when his team is losing. Obviously, that makes him a prime trade candidate.

At this point, Boston will probably keep Rondo to begin the season, but after drafting point guard Marcus Smart at No. 6 and not improving the team in the short term this, the writing is on the wall for a Rondo trade.

Seeing progress from Brad Stevens: On paper, the Celtics lack talent to compete into the postseason.

But so did Butler.

Stevens came to Boston with a great college pedigree. Him translating that to the NBA might be the Celtics’ best chance of defying expectations this season.

If Stevens can implement the sound defensive and offensive systems that worked so well at Butler, Boston will be a very tough out each game. Any feisty team in the East has a chance.

Taking advantage of having a center: Jared Sullinger, Kelly Olynyk and Kris Humphries often played the pivot for the undermanned Celtics last season. Not only were those players – power forwards by trade – ill-equipped to handle the job, it wore them down.

Humphries left in free agency, but with Tyler Zeller in line to start and Vitor Faverani hopefully healthy enough to back him up, Sullinger and Olynyk can take advantage. Both are skilled bigs, which they can better show if they’re no longer taking such consistent poundings.

Why you should watch: Rondo. Nobody impacts a game quite like him. Whether he’s turning down open shots to make a pass, gambling for steals or crashing the glass, Rondo is a point guard unlike any other. His all-out effort and high awareness give him a unique style.

Plus, watching Rondo is scouting. He might be playing for your favorite team soon.

Prediction: 24-58. Rondo is very good, and Green will have his moments. But I don’t think this team is good enough to be in the playoff race at the trade deadline, and I think that means Rondo gets dealt. The Celtics are probably capable of finishing better than 24-58, but I anticipate trading Rondo will be part of a tanking effort. Smart and Young could get plenty of minutes down the stretch, aiding their development and Boston’s losing. Danny Ainge seems ready to kick rebuilding into full gear.

Report: Celtics center Vitor Faverani arrested for drunk driving in Spain


Well, the Celtics are in the off-season news now, but not in a good way.

Boston’s backup center Vitor Faverani has been arrested in Valencia, Spain, on drunk driving charges, something reported by El Mercantil Valenciano and passed along here first by Celtics Blog.

According to the reports he apparently ran a red light and hit a bus, but there were no injuries. Other reports have his blood alcohol level at several times the legal limit. Sounds like it was fortunate nobody was hurt.

There has been no statement from the team yet. Once the legal process runs its course the NBA usually suspends players two games without pay for this infraction.

Faverani was the only real center on the Celtics roster last season but tore his meniscus in February and was out for the end of the season. The Brazilian big man spent time in the D-League last season and got in 37 games for the Celtics, playing okay when he did (4.4 points a game, .502 true shooting percentage). He has spent the off-season rehabbing his knees. Well, and apparently going out a little and making some bad decisions.

Jared Sullinger’s father: Celtics promised to acquire a center


Beyond Vitor Faverani (injured midseason) and Joel Anthony (too old to fit into the Celtics’ long-term plans), Boston didn’t have a true center last season – a fact Celtics coach Brad Stevens made no effort to disguise.

Power forwards Kris Humphries, Kelly Olynyk, Brandon Bass and Jared Sullinger took turns manning the pivot, a decent stopgap for a tanking team, but not a long-term solution.

So, it’s clear the Celtics could use a center. Sullinger’s father, Satch Sullinger, explains just how big a priority that is to Boston.

Satch, via ABC 6:

“Next year, I think he’s going to get finally get to play his true position of power forward. And so, at that point, he’s going to come home and he’s going to trim down and shed some pounds, so he gets a quicker step and a little more mobility. Because they’ve kind of promised him that they’re going to get a center.”

Sullinger has played well when healthy, 13.3 points and 8.1 points per game last season. If he loses weight, that could help him avoid injury.

Getting a center – both due to him and the reverberations throughout the lineup – would help the Celtics. Enough to make the 2015 playoffs? Depends on the center.

If Boston wants to rebuild patiently with another lottery pick, a center wouldn’t be a huge priority, because missing one would serve that purpose. Perhaps, this indicates the Celtics want to win next season – but that might depend on the results of the lottery.