Scary video of Andrei Kirilenko head injury

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Basketball involves contact, but it’s not a contact sport. There’s no protection for the head outside of mouth guards, no real protection for other parts of the body. And sometimes, scary, freak things happen. Like this to Andrei Kirilenko in his game with CSKA Moscow this week.

In the video, Kirilenko goes baseline, catches a hand or forearm to the head, and lands head-first on the floor. He’s immediately got blood from his head. He was later diagnosed with a concussion. Oh, yeah, and he broke his nose. Gross. Kirilenko will be okay, thank goodness, but a scary moment for Kirilenko and Jazz fans hoping he returns next season in free agency.


Video: Dirk Nowitzki throws out first pitch at World Series



After all that, he finally got to throw out the first pitch.


The Rangers lost 16-7.



Video: NBA lockout fundraiser… yes, it’s a joke

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Since there hasn’t been much to laugh about during the lockout and the recent negotiating sessions, we bring you this from the people at

What if players had to fundraise like schools, churches and other organizations to make up the $400 million the two sides have been apart?

Watch it, you could use the laugh.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

This is a video from Russia of Andrei Kirilenko dancing the Macarena

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I’m guessing that this was hosted by Kirilenko’s new Russian team, which would honestly make me look at the Heat’s “welcome party” from last off-season in an entirely new light. (I’m not sure if I would like it more, I’d just think of it differently.) If Kirilenko’s giant World of Warcraft back tattoo had been visible in this video, I think it would have officially been the most random event of the off-season. Shine on, Andrei Kirilenko.

Video: Deron Williams is actually in Turkey

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Rumors of players going overseas to play during a possible lockout have been constant this off-season, but Nets guard Deron Williams is the highest-profile player so far to have actually signed a contract with an overseas team, Turkey’s Beskitas.

The video itself isn’t all that riveting, but it does show that Williams is actually going to follow through with his Turkish contract, which is the kind of thing that suggests the players might hold firm and sacrifice the 2011-12 NBA season before they acquiesce to the demands the owners are making during the CBA talks.