Video: Jeremy Evans throws down a two-handed windmill dunk whilst jumping over Earl Watson


If you click “play” on this video, you will see Utah Jazz sophomore throwing down a pretty nice windmill dunk over teammate Earl Watson. It’s a solid throwdown, but probably won’t be enough to get Evans, who is currently averaging 2.4 points in 6.8 minutes per game this season, an invitation to the dunk contest Orlando. Still, a nice little distraction for your Tuesday afternoon or evening.

Video: DeSagana Diop makes everyone who watches this video worse at free throws


I’d say this is the worst free throw attempt you’ll see today. but it’s maybe the worst one you’ll ever see.

Ladies and gentlemen, DeSagana Diop.

Video: the 5 most clutch plays of Derek Fisher’s career


Derek Fisher isn’t the fastest point guard in the league, or the best passer, or the best finisher or the best ballhandler, and he’s not even much of a shooter off the dribble. What Fisher is a strong, physical guard who knocks down open threes, doesn’t make bad decisions with the basketball, a leader in the locker room…and a guy who’s helped the Lakers win five championship rings throughout his career, thanks in no small part to plays like this.

Video: Steve Nash pulls “The Corn Chopper” on a snowboard

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2-time MVP Steve Nash has always been game for a good viral video. His latest entry involves him auditioning for ESPN’s “Winter X Games Real Snow” competition by pulling the ultra-dangerous “corn chopper,” which is apparently too awesome to be shown — all we get to see is Nash’s teammates reacting to the trick, rather than the trick itself, Grizzly Man style. It seems unlikely that we’ll actually get to see Nash perform “The Corn Chopper” on an actual video — some things, I suppose, are better left to the imagination. Hat tip to our friends at The Basketball Jones.

Hey, neat story, the NBA is back. (OK, kind of, it’s preseason.)

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You may have cursed both sides and wished a plague on both their houses. You may have considered quitting cold turkey. You may have forgotten what it looked like, sounded like, felt like. The ball sliding side to side, hypnotic. The rush of the first move as the defender is locked up like an icicle. The ascent and then the detonation.

The NBA is back.

Don’t take my word for it. I’ll show you.

And we’re just getting started.