Video: If you text during a game, you will get hit in the head by a basketball


That’s what happened to this Nets fan sitting courtside, who was bonked in the head by a loose ball while texting. Not only did he have to suffer the physical pain of a basketball to the head, but he ended up getting called out by Marv Albert on-air, which is the ultimate form of shaming. Let this be a lesson to all of us: if you’re sitting courtside, pay attention to the game.

(Video courtesy of Larry Brown Sports, with a hat tip to The Basketball Jones.)

“Thunder your Butts off” video gets Thunder employee fired


Considering how well the Oklahoma City Thunder are playing right now, it’s okay to get excited about them. It’s not okay, apparently, to make a YouTube parody rap video telling people to “Thunder their butt off” while being employed by the Thunder. “Lunchmeat,” the masked gentleman in the video who was previously a “stormchaser” for the Thunder, was fired for making this video.

The video doesn’t appear to be offensive at all, but if “lunchmeat” did sign a contract that said he couldn’t do this, he probably should have thought a little harder before imploring people to Thunder their butts off whilst identifying himself as a Thunder employee. (Seriously, between the pseudonym and the mask, would the Thunder really have recognized him if he didn’t explicitly say he was a Thunder employee, considering the video only has 2,537 views as of this writing?) Of course, we don’t know exactly what “lunchmeat” promised not to do when he signed his contract, so the Thunder may simply be in the wrong on this one. We’ll see if there’s any fallout from this.

Video: Luol Deng with the putback for the win


The Bulls won a game over Toronto 102-101 that they probably should have lost by all accounts, not only for the fact that the Raptors outplayed them for most of the game and had about 700 things go against them down the stretch, but mostly because the Bulls were without two of their best players in Derrick Rose (understatement) and Joakim Noah (ejected early on for being Noah).

And despite getting killed on the glass all night, the Bulls pulled it out thanks to Luol Deng, who had an off shooting night, with an offensive rebound, the Bulls’ bread and butter. Observe. 

If the Bulls are going to win a title, it’s going to be off of plays like this. Their ability to crash the boards and finish off hustle plays is their biggest advantage. It means that when they aren’t winning with talent they can win with the scrap plays. The Raptors were on the second game of a back to back in overtime, and just didn’t have the legs. But Chicago had its own disadvantages, and got the win. That’s what great teams do.

Funny story, Gerald Green may have had the best in-game alley-oop ever


You’re seriously not going to believe this. It was so good I’m not even going to set it up for you. Just watch.

Note that his head is above the rim. Note that’s a windmill. Off an alley-oop. In a game.

That’s absurd. Ridiculous. Ill. Nasty. Incredible. Disgusting. Fantastic. Other adjectives.

I’m so glad Gerald Green is back in the NBA, you guys. So glad.


Orlando fans make a music video asking Dwight Howard to stay in Orlando

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I’ll let Page 2’s Patrick Dorsey explain this video:

On Friday we made the case for Orlando as a suitable metropolis for Magic center Dwight Howard, and included a video from local musician Jeff Wilson and the Orlando Sentinel.

Now we have an updated version of the video, from local lawyer/superfan Dennis Salvagio, a.k.a. The Fat Guy, with singers and supporters all saying “Let’s Fight for Dwight.”

In the summer of 2010, Cleveland fans made a similar video, “We Are LeBron” in an attempt to get LeBron James to stay in Cleveland. The video included the Governor of Ohio, members of the “Dawg Pound,” former Real World DC cast member Erika Wasilewski, investigative reporter Carl Monday, and a local weatherman. LeBron James ultimately did not re-sign with the Cavaliers. Hopefully, things will go differently for the Magic fans that made this video than the Cavalier fans that made that one.