technical foul

Video: LeBron gets called for a technical for… I’m not sure


I was watching at home when this play happened and I rewound it about five times trying to see whatever the referee that called the technical saw, and I was stumped. The broadcasters were stumped and confused.

LeBron James is bringing the ball up court and the Bobcats, in a very Bobcats way, seem to lose track of the fact the best basketball player in the planet has the ball and they might want to defend him. So with nobody between him and the basket LeBron just straight-line bolts for the rim. At the last second Gerald Henderson stepped in to try and draw the charge and there was contact. Henderson got called for the blocking foul.

And LeBron got a technical for.. I have no idea what.

Embellishing contact (flopping)? First I don’t see it, second he didn’t draw the main foul. If you’re going to give him a technical for being bigger and stronger than the guy he runs into it’s going to be a very long season for everyone. I get why Erik Spoelstra got a technical, he earned it, but not LeBron.

It’s preseason for the referees, too. It happens.

But sure, the flopping rule will be enforced even-handedly this season.

Hat tip to Royce Young of Eye on Basketball for the video.

Quote of the day: Ron Artest loves him some In-N-Out burgers


“I could’ve bought 10,000 In-N-Out Burgers. I rather would’ve done that than give it away. I’m going to get 10 burgers [after Monday’s game]. I love In-N-Out. It’s addicting. It’s the only reason I’m here in L.A. If it wasn’t for In-N-Out Burger, I probably would’ve gone to Memphis or something.”

—Ron Artest’s reaction to the news that the league rescinded a technical foul on him from the end of Sunday’s game against the Clippers (via the Los Angeles Times). That means he did not have to pay the fine associated with the technical. Blake Griffin also had his technical rescinded, but Lamar Odom and Baron Davis had to pay.