DeMarcus Cousins gets tattoo that reads “Misunderstood.” Of course.


From the Department of “Things That You Will Feel Silly About When You Are 35,” comes DeMarcus Cousins’ newest tattoo, posted on Twitter, which features simply the word “Misunderstood” on his calf:



The question mark, I think, is what really makes it, along with the fact that the typeface itself is difficult to read. So the tattoo that reads “Misunderstood” is both inherently questioning itself, and easy to misunderstand.

Oh, DMC. You’re such a puzzle wrapped in a mystery disguised as an enigma.

Maybe Cousins’ biggest problem is that he’s aware of how he’s perceived, and resents it. It’s not just that he’s surly and moody, it’s that he’s surly and moody about the fact that people comment on him being surly and moody, when he’s surly and moody. That self-awareness is a trap, because he’s not able to see himself as surly and moody, only that he’s perceived that way, and then responds to it with the same behavior that gets him in trouble in the first place. It’s a vicious cycle, and one that the tattoo feeds into it.

But then again, maybe he is aware of it, as the question mark indicates. Maybe he’s asking if he’s really misunderstood, or if he’s misunderstood as not being aware of his faults.

Or, you know, the question mark could be decorative and we should stop over-analyzing a tattoo.

Have we mentioned we’d really like the lockout to be over, and were only a month in?


Andrei Kirilenko gets insane, awesome tattoo


As a writer, I’m not really supposed to have favorite players. But I can’t help but love Andrei Kirilenko. When he was a young player, he played the most exciting brand of defense in the league. His play on offense is unselfish, diverse, and explosive. There have been five “5 x 5” games since 1995, and Kirilenko has 3 of them. His wife had the greatest quote on being the wife of a professional athlete ever. He told John Amaechi that Amaechi could bring his boyfriend to Kirilenko’s Christmas party if he wanted to. He may well have chosen his number so that he could have his nickname be “AK-47.”

And with a new giant tattoo that covers most of Kirilenko’s back and seems to feature a knight riding some sort of mythical winged beast, the legend of Kirilenko’s awesomeness continues to grow. It’s early, but this may well end up being the single most insane tattoo of the off-season. Shine on, Andre Kirilenko. Shine on.