Andrew Bogut plans to have elbow surgery after season

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Andrew Bogut’s shot has not been right this season. He shot 57.7 percent two years ago, 52 percent last season, then 48.3 percent this season.

It’s all about his elbow, the one that bent in a way god never intended late last season. Bogut is still finishing at the rim at a very good 62.2 percent (was 65.2 percent last season) according to Hoopdata. But from 3 to 9 feet out he is shooting just 39.9 percent, down from 51 percent two seasons ago. His free throw percentage dropped from 62.9 percent last season to 41.6 percent this season.

He can’t fully extend his arm because of that elbow, and it has affected his shot. His touch.

So this summer he is going to get surgery to scope out that elbow and clean up what one would imagine is a lot of scar tissue inside, Bogut told the Journal Sentinel.

“I want to have it straight away just to get a head start on the rehab and get back in the gym,” Bogut said. “I want to shoot the basketball a lot this summer. The more time I can get out on the floor working on my shot, the better.

“Whenever the season ends, hopefully the next day or two after, get it out of the way. Spend a week in Milwaukee and then fly back to Australia.”

A return of the old Bogut (and the previous year’s John Salmons) would go a long way to making the Bucks a playoff team that others want to avoid again.

Brandon Roy has knee operations, called successful

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Doctors will tell you any surgery you wake up from is a successful surgery. So, on multiple levels Brandon Roy’s double knee operation today was a success.

Operations on both knees took place on Monday, cleaning up issues as best they can, and now the recovery and rehabilitation begins. There is no set timetable for his return, nor are we sure how much this will really help knees already low on cartilage.

The question is, will he push it to get back this season if the Blazers are in the hut for a playoff spot? The better question might be should he? Getting him all the way back and healthy is key for the Blazers long term, not pushing him to make the eight seed so they can get run out quickly by the Spurs in the first round. The Blazers need to focus on the long-term.

Roy is the 2007 Rookie of the Year who has seen his numbers and efficiency drop this season (due to the pain in his knees taking away some of his explosiveness).

Yao Ming has ankle surgery, considering comeback

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UPDATE 4:20 pm: Yao Ming released this statement after his surgery.

“I’d like to thank everyone for their ongoing support. I know this will be another long rehab, but I’m looking forward to beginning my recovery. I will use this time to consider all of my options, and will make a decision regarding my career plans as I get closer to the end of my rehab.”

The surgery was deemed successful. Yao sounds less confident about his plans here, but this is a public statement in which it would be smart to leave his options open. There are still the reports (listed below) that say his goal is to return.

1:04 pm: Yao Ming had another surgery today, this one to repair a fracture in his left ankle.

There is no timetable for a return — but he does want to return, according to Marc Spears of Yahoo, who broke the story on twitter.

Yao was previously diagnosed with a stress fracture in his left ankle, an injury that was expected to keep him out for the season. That after he missed all of last season following foot surgery.

Yao has been discussed in trades because he has a massive, $17 million expiring contract. However, nothing has yet come of that, and even if a team did trade for him they may well not want to re-sign him.

Yao said last summer he might just walk away from the game if he couldn’t get healthy, but now he sounds like he wants to give it one more shot. That may well be somewhere other than Houston — the only franchise he has ever known in the Association — but anyone showing interest in him would be taking a flyer.

Not a lot of players would have the desire and determination to continue doing all this rehab work to get back on the court. Yao, however, is not your average player. One thing he has always had is a fantastic work ethic. And he’s apparently not ready to give up on the game just yet.

Brandon Roy considers knee operation, chance to be next Tommy John


It’s called the Tommy John surgery because the long-time pitcher was the first to have a ligament from somewhere else in his body put in his elbow then return to be a quality major league starting pitcher.

How about the Brandon Roy surgery?

According to the Portland Tribune (via CBS Facts & Rumors), Roy is going to meet with a renowned surgeon to discuss an operation to transplant meniscus into his ailing left knee — where there is none, Roy is basically bone-on-bone — could work for him.

The orthopedic expert is the team doctor for one of the NBA’s other 29 teams. I’m not at liberty to report his name, but he has experience in meniscus transplantation.

The procedure has been performed on some professional athletes who have retired, such as football player Marshall Faulk. It has never been done on an active pro player, however.

That this is being discussed is just an indication of how bad Roy’s knees are. Well, that and him being out indefinitely might be a sign. The right knee has been problematic this season as well, but Roy thinks that may be more out of compensation for the troublesome left knee. Either way, the Blazers are leaving no stone unturned looking for an option to get Roy back to being Roy.

No surgery for Brandon Bass. For now.

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Brandon Bass has seen the doctors, and the doctors have seen him. And his films. And for now… nothing is happening, according to the Orlando Sentinel.

Coach Stan Van Gundy said team physician Craig Mintzer and another doctor have reviewed the scans of Bass’ knee, and the doctors aren’t convinced that the burly power forward has a torn meniscus. So, for the time being, the team will attempt to treat the discomfort in Bass’ knee without surgery…

“I don’t think it’s going to prevent me from playing,” Bass said. “Well, I hope not. I’m going to go out tonight and see how I feel and see if I can give it a try.”

Bass has been key during the Magic resurgence, giving them some needed grit and rebounding along the front line with Dwight Howard. He can defend, play some five and knock down the midrange.

It’s a tough spot. If he ends up needing surgery he needs to get it now so he can be fully back for the playoffs (but the Magic would be forced to act fast to trade for front line help). If he doesn’t need it then it’s just a question of pain management. The choice is not an easy one.

If he can’t play any particular games, look for Hedo Turkoglu to start at the four for Orlando.