Andrew Bynum finds it’s illegal to be going double the speed limit


Last night, Andrew Bynum was on the court before the Lakers took on the Milwaukee Bucks, practicing some moves while wearing a heavy knee brace. No defense, not a lot of speed, just some court work, but that’s a step forward toward his return in a few weeks.

On Oct. 29, Andrew Bynum was behind the wheel of his car — a 2010 Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano, which I have not personally driven but have to think is pretty damn fast. Which explains why he was going 110 on a Los Angeles freeway, doubling the 55 mph limit.

TMZ tells us the police were not amused and he was ticketed (via Ball Don’t Lie).

Law enforcement sources tell us the only reason he wasn’t nailed on a reckless driving charge was because traffic was light and the NBA star wasn’t weaving in and out of lanes.

Two things you can debate here: 1) Do you consider Bynum an “NBA star?”; 2) Is this another sign of the immature Bynum we hear about, or was this just no big deal? Discuss amongst yourselves.

Tyreke Evans gets one whopper of a speeding ticket


Thumbnail image for evans_game.jpgTyreke Evans drives hard.

And we don’t just mean into the lane off the high pick-and-roll. We mean his Mercedes-Benz S550.

Evans was pulled over by the California Highway Patrol — think CHiPs — for doing more than 100 mph on a freeway near Sacramento, according to the Sacramento Bee. This wasn’t some polite Eric Estrada stop either: because Evans had the drivers and passengers side windows tinted (illegal in California) and officers could not see in, they did a full guns-drawn felony stop.

The CHP described Evans as cooperative and he was simply cited when it was all over. And so he is off to traffic school. Is there a special traffic school for people driving over 100? Something that discusses the Autobahn?

However, at that speed Evans should make good time from Sacramento to Las Vegas this summer, when he goes to the camp for Team USA in July.