Report: Kings have made calls to trade for a point guard

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The struggling Sacramento Kings have an idea of what they need to do.

Right now, Tyreke Evans is the point guard for the Sacramento Kings. And he’s not a bad one. Certainly a score-first guy but someone averaging 5.2 assists per game, about 18.9 percent of his team’s baskets when he is on the floor come from one of his assists.

But Evans is really a two guard, he’s playing the point out of necessity in Sacramento. And as can happen with a shoot-first point guard, they have become a predictable team heavily reliant on isolation plays. Which is why the Kings are looking to trade for a real point guard.

They have called about Aaron Brooks in Houston and Jeff Teague in Atlanta, according to the Sacramento Bee. They got nowhere with these calls. For now.

But at some time this season point guard is going to become available. And look for the Kings to be in the mix to get him.

New Warriors owners talking openly about San Francisco, Oakland may not like that

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The new owners of the Golden State Warriors have not been subtle about where they left their heart — they have talked openly about loving San Francisco. They’ve started flirting with The City.

As Arena Digest points out, the first big media event that Peter Guber and Joseph Lacob held was in a San Francisco restaurant, and they were not shy about saying they were open to a move across the bay. Nor should they be — that would mean a new stadium (hello revenue!) and a move into one of the wealthiest markets in the nation.

No shock — this all isn’t sitting well in Oakland. One Mercury News columnist went over the top and said they should change the name to the “Oakland Warriors” if they were committed to the team.

But the Warriors have always been the Bay Area’s team. Unlike in the NFL, there were no lines drawn between two teams. The name is Golden State and fans come from all over the Bay Area — even Dublin — to support the Warriors.

That would not change with a move to San Francisco. But don’t expect some in Oakland who think they can use this to their advantage to let that happen quietly.