Roy Williams

Book on Kansas hoops call Kris Humphries an “absolute jerk”


To most of America, Kris Humphries is that guy who married Kim Kardashian. Not that Laker that married the other sister, but if pressed people might remember Humphries plays basketball for a living.

But Humphries was a big deal player coming out of high school in Minnesota, a guy that was pretty clearly going to be a one-and-done and chased down a number of big colleges.

Including Kansas and coach Roy Williams. Which brings us to an excerpt from a new book “Beyond The Phog” about Jayhawk hoops, quoting Kansas shooting guard Keith Langford about Humphries. (Via I am a GM and Larry Brown Sports.)

Kris Humphries came on a visit and tried to commit. He really wanted to come here. But no one on the team liked Kris Humphries. He was arrogant. He told everyone he was going to come in and be the leading scorer as a freshman and that we’d all have to take a backseat to him. We were trying to be respectful and not say anything. But he was an absolute jerk. It was tough, because Roy was really excited about him. Kris Humphries was a big deal. He was a one-and-done or a two-and-done kind of player. Roy wanted him to commit on his visit. But we told him, “Coach, you can’t bring this guy in. You can’t do it.” You’d figure Roy would say something like, “Let’s work on him,” or “Let’s give him another chance.” Instead he told Humphries, “Sorry, but you can’t come.” Bill Self did the same thing years later with Terrence Williams.

Humphries went to Minnesota, averaged 21 and 10 on a losing team, and was a one-and-done.

You can watch Humphries on what is sure to be a slate of upcoming reality shows and decide for yourself if Humphries is an absolute jerk still or not.

NBA owners complaining about Isiah Thomas deal, but NBA may approve


Thumbnail image for ithomas.jpgOne of the NBA rules guiding its executives — nobody can have contact with a college underclassman. Another put in with the age-limit requirement is that nobody from an NBA front office can scout high school players.

Isiah Thomas’ new deal has him both as a full-time college coach at Florida International University (where he would have to come into contact with underclassman as well as high school players) and as a consultant for the Knicks.

This has prompted two NBA owners to complain to the league, according to the New York Post. The names of those two are not known, although the Post’s Marc Berman speculates Michael Jordan would be one. We know that the league is investigating the deal.

But the league may approve the contract, at least that’s what Frank Isola of the New York Daily News is hearing.

If so, you can expect a run on teams hiring college coaches as consultants, with a bidding war breaking out for top coaches like Tom Izzo or Roy Williams.

And if you were the Knicks, wouldn’t you pick up Jim Boeheim of Syracuse as a consultant? The man who was the college coach for Carmelo Anthony, they guy you are trying to recruit next summer?