Roddy Beaubois needs foot surgery, will be out two to three months

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Thumbnail image for nba_beaubois.jpgSurgery to put a pin in the foot of your speedy young guard does not sound good.

That’s what lies ahead for Roddy Beaubois, but Dallas Mavericks General Manager Donnie Nelson told things were not that bad.

“His prognosis is really good,” Nelson said. “He’ll miss some time, but he’ll be back healthy as a horse.”

Mavs owner Mark Cuban, who in the past has expressed concerns about injuries to guys under contract playing with their national teams, also took things in good spirits according to

Mavs owner Mark Cuban, trying to calm overreaction to Roddy Beaubois’ injury, jokes that the prized youngster “broke his foot; he didn’t have it amputated.”

Beaubois broke the fifth metatarsal bone during practice with the French national team in preparation for the FIBA World Championships in Turkey later this month.

He will now miss all of training camp and likely the first part of the season, then have to play his way back into shape.

Dallas has the backcourt depth to survive this. Beaubois was going to get a chance to start at the two, but now Caron Butler has that gig to start the season (which means Shawn Marion starts at the three). Jason Kidd wills start at the point and JJ Barea will back him up, while Jason Terry remains the first two guard off the bench.

That will work well for the start of the season and gives the Mavs time to work Beaubois into the rotation. But as he showed last season, he is the spark and energy the veteran team needs sometimes, particularly in the playoffs.

Jason Kidd says he'd come off the bench sometimes for Rodrigue Beaubois next season

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Thumbnail image for nba_beaubois.jpgFinally, everyone in Dallas seems to have figured out that Rodrigue Beaubois is a bird that needs to be set free, not caged on the bench. Even Jason Kidd.

During a press call for the 21st American Century Championship, the celebrity golf event coming up next month in Lake Tahoe, Kidd said he wants to see Beaubois get more minutes next season, particularly during the regular season. All the better to rest the 37-year-old Kidd for the playoffs.

And if that mean’s coming off the bench, so be it.

“I would hope that’s what we’re shooting for, to develop Roddy this summer and to play him more next season,” Kidd said. “I wouldn’t be opposed to coming off the bench some next season.”

Beaubois was dynamic in Dallas last season, particularly in the playoffs. Once Rick Carlisle let him off the bench. Another coach not trusting a rookie — and Beaubois was uneven — even though his team needed a burst of energy and Beaubois is a walking, talking ball of energy.

Mark Cuban even said Beaubois could start next year, so maybe it was wise for Kidd to go along with the owner.

But the fact remains that Dallas needs to keep Kidd’s minutes down for him to be as effective anymore. And Dallas has two good backup point guards is the dynamic Beaubois and the solid JJ Barea. It will be interesting to see how the minutes get divided, but the Mavericks need to shake things up, and Beaubois certainly does that.