Quinton Ross

Nets Quinton Ross done for season with herniated disk

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Quinton Ross has barely touched the court lately for the Nets — just four minutes total in the team’s last seven games — but now it is official, he is done for the season.

He has a herniated disk in his back and the Nets are shutting him down, reports the New York Post.

“Unfortunately he has another disk situation,” (Nets coach Avery) Johnson said. “We’re going to confirm that when we get home, but based on preliminary discussions with Tim and our doctors, he’s out.”

The Nets aren’t headed to the playoffs but they are banged up none the less. Deron Williams is dealing with sore wrists and Sundiata Gaines is out for the season as well.

Nets rookie Damion James out with broken foot

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Avery Johnson has been trying to see what his young players have got, and so Damion James has been getting some run — at least 15 minutes in 8 of the last 9. Not that he has been giving them a not of production — 35 percent shooting and too many turnovers, but the rebounding has been nice — still he is getting a chance.

Or was. He has broken his foot and will be out for a while, as reported by Inside Hoops.

Exactly how long he’ll be out remains to be seen, specialists will look at this and decide.

Quinton Ross got the three spot start for the Nets against the Lakers (and the Kobe Bryant assignment) but the guy this really means a lot to is Terrence Williams. Back from the D-League, Avery Johnson has given Williams some run but now will have to trust him more. So long as he shows up to practice on time.

Report: Nets trade Yi Jianlian to Wizards


jianlian.jpgUPDATE 2:48 pm: This has basically become official, with multiple sources confirming it now.

The deal is Yi Jianlian  and $3 million cold hard cash to the Wizards for Quinton Ross. Yi and Blatche will compete for the starting job power forward job, with just-drafted rookie Trevor Booker trying to find some minutes in there. But I still want to see Blatche and Yi play together.

12:55 pm: How does an Andray Blatche/Yi Jianlian front line paired with John Wall sound? Not sure how good it will be, but it will be fun to watch.

According to the Bergen Record, the Nets are on the verge of sending Yi to the Wizards for cash and one player who makes “significantly less.” That could be a draft pick (not Wall) or Quinton Ross.

For the Nets, they save even more money under the cap, as Yi will make $4 million this year. That gives them more money to go after free agents, about $30 million, which is the only plan in Jersey.

For the Wizards, it gives them a talented forward who has never quite found his game in the NBA and battled injury problems. He gave the Nets 32 minutes and 12 points a game last year, but shot just 40 percent on the season. He’s a forward who shot just 51 percent at the rim and is all too happy to shoot the three. He’s an okay rebounder.

Washington is taking some risk based on potential. But they are building and risks are part of that process. At least smart ones.