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Quote of the Day: President Obama is pleased the NBA season is saved


President Obama’s a gifted public speaker. But he summed up the feelings of millions of NBA fans Sunday when he commented on the NBA and its players reaching a handshake agreement to save the 2011-2012 NBA season.

After playing basketball at Fort McNair on Saturday, President Barack Obama seemed to approve the tentative deal reached earlier in the day to end the NBA lockout.

When asked about the potential agreement, Obama gave a thumbs-up and said, “Good deal!”

via Obama On NBA Tentative Agreement: ‘Good Deal’ – Sports News Story – WPXI Pittsburgh.

Well said, Mr. President.

(I expect the comments on this post to be well-reasoned and insightful.)

Doc Rivers wasn't taking calls from anyone, including president Obama


Thumbnail image for Rivers_Nicholson.jpgUsually, when the President of the United States wants to get in touch with you, he gets in touch with you.

Unless you’re Doc Rivers.

The day after Boston’s Game 7 loss to Los Angeles, Rivers cell phone rang with a 202 phone number. We’ll let the Orlando Sentinel take the story from there.

Doc assumed that it was Stan Kasten, an executive with the Atlanta Hawks during Doc’s playing days there. Kasten is now president of the Washington Nationals baseball team.

The phone buzzed again. Same number. Doc turned it off and settled in for the long ride.

Back in Boston, the phone buzzed again. It was a programmed number — Kasten. May as well pick it up and hear the attaboy condolences from his friend.

“Doc, hold on, I have a friend who wants to say hello.” He gave the phone to the guy next to him.

“Doc this is President Obama. I guess I can’t get you to pick up the phone,” he said.

Obama was sitting with Kasten, watching the Nationals play. Obama, the well known basketball fan, was rightfully impressed with the Celtics playoff run. Just wanted to say congrats.

Coaches: So long as Obama is in the White House, you may want to pick up those calls from 202 with the numbers you don’t recognize. Just a suggestion.