Mavericks coach Carlisle out of hospital, back at work (but taking tomorrow off)

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Rick Carlisle was in good spirits, joking as he left the hospital Friday afternoon just hours after passing out on the court during a Dallas Mavericks practice.

After he left the hospital he went back to work. Yes, I’m serious.

NBA coaches are serious workaholics.

Carlisle spoke to ESPN radio, as reported by Mike Fisher At Dallas

“I feel great now,’’ he said, adding on Friday afternoon “I’ve back in the office (working) for two hours.’’

Carlisle fainted at the Mavs workout on Friday and notes that he “felt a little lightheaded … and before I knew it, they were pulling me out of there in a stretcher. Everything was negative (in terms of medical tests). … I’m fine.’’

Carlisle, speaking on ESPN Radio, said, he is “going to sit this one out (not coach on Saturday) but I’ll be back with them Monday. I’ll be back up tomorrow morning working out again.’’

“I’m not too disappointed not to be there,’’ he kidded, “with Dirk and Jet not playing tomorrow night.’’

Tomorrow night the Mavericks take on the Phoenix Suns in the annual outdoor game at the tennis center in Indian Wells, near Palm Springs, in California.

Kobe admits knee was "extremely painful" during finals, about 60 percent now


Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for kobeyelll.jpgKobe Bryant played six minutes in the Lakers first exhibition game in London, after which he sat with ice on his knees.

Londoners chanted his name in the second half, but they got more Pau Gasol. Kobe played the six minutes he did out of obligation to the fans, his knees need more rest and recovery following offseason surgery.

Surgery he needed because those knees were sore. reporter Mike Trudell had these postgame comments from Kobe on Twitter:

Kobe said his knee was “extremely, extremely painful during the NBA Finals.” Said he feels better, but is at about “60%” tonight.

Kobe Bryant: “I wanted to get up and get in” when the chants came. “But I had the ice on the knees. Couldn’t get back in.”

Kobe did drag those knees to a finals MVP performance, but it’s another sign these Lakers are built to win now — the next handful of years — and then the window closes. Kobe is 32 with a lot of miles on him, Derek Fisher is 36 and Gasol, Artest, Odom, basically all the key Lakers outside Andrew Bynum are 30 or older. The Lakers may be younger than the Celtics but really only by a couple years.

Kobe will play sparingly in the preseason. Come Oct. 26 and the opener against the Rockets, expect 30 some minutes. Whether his knees are ready or not.