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Cavaliers say they are undecided on who is No. 1 pick

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Unofficially, Kyrie Irving has been the guy, the clear No. 1 overall pick and the guy Cavaliers officials were excited about picking.

But officially, they say they have not decided, that Derrick Williams could move past Irving into the No. 1 slot, they told Marc Spears of Yahoo.

And in a year where there is not a franchise cornerstone clear No. 1, maybe there is something to the indecision — if they really like Williams they can take him No. 1 and still get a point guard like Brandon Knight or Kemba Walker with their No. 4 pick.

“The main reason is we want to do our due diligence on the other guys as well,” (Cavaliers coach Byron) Scott said on why a decision hasn’t been made. “We have a few more workouts we want to get in before we really want to start evaluating on who we think is the best possible pick at No. 1 and who we think is the best at No. 4. So, by no means, has anyone in our organization who has been to our workouts said, ‘Derrick Williams is our first pick’ or ‘Kyrie Irving is our first pick.’

Scott goes on to sing the praises of both. And he is right about one thing (the one thing that makes mock drafts hard) — teams are just now starting to figure out who they really want. Teams, including the Cavaliers, keep a very open mind going into the process.

That said, they’re taking Irving No. 1. Bank on it.

Kyrie Irving may work out only for Cavaliers


As we said before, outside of failing his physical or showing up to his team interview with Cleveland wearing an “I love the Taliban” T-shirt, Kyrie Irving is going to be selected No. 1 overall by the Cavaliers come June 23.

So why work out for anyone else?

He may not, his agent implied to the Ohio Morning Journal.

Irving, 19, might work out only for the Cavaliers. Don’t expect him to work out with any other players.

“For my safety, I’m not going to work out with anyone else,” he said at the NBA draft combine in Chicago on May 20.

Irving has had a good attitude about this, not saying he was LeBron or trying to promise to be a savior. He’ll probably say all the right things when the Cavs draft him. And they will, which is why it doesn’t matter if he works out anywhere else.