Amar’e Stoudemire is eating kosher (mostly) and very well


I really need to get myself a personal chef.

That’s one of my take aways from a profile of Knicks star Amar’e Stoudemire in the new issue of Bon Appetit (a great find by KD at Ball Don’t Lie).

Stoudemire has his own chef (Max Hardy), a guy who won over Stoudemire with a midnight feast of lobster. As Stoudemire has explored his spiritual roots the past year, the chef has moved to making more and more kosher food. Stuff that sounds better than the warmed-over chicken I just had for lunch.

Now Hardy buys kosher beef and chicken and avoids pork—though there are allowances. “If Amar’e had a good game, he might want crab legs, or maybe lobster macaroni and cheese.”

One thing that never varies is Stoudemire’s commitment to eating healthfully during the week and living it up a bit on weekends. When he was growing up in Florida, he recalls, “my aunt always cooked a huge meal on Sundays. I want to keep that tradition alive here. So on Sundays, Chef Max lays it all out, and a bunch of friends come over. We call it Soul Food Sundays.”

This particular evening, Hardy is making cornmeal-dusted catfish with tomato grits and sweet potato waffles with buttermilk fried chicken.

Again, I need to get myself a personal chef. And a massive apartment in New York, while I’m at it.

This story highlights why Stoudemire came to NYC — the life of a Knick when the team is good is about as sweet as it gets. Guys with vineyards swing by for dinner and bring their good stuff. Phoenix is a fine city, but it’s just not the same. Stoudemire is enjoying life at the top.

If the Knicks struggle out of the gate this season, he’ll learn about the other side of New York, too.

Knicks go without Stoudemire, Billups returns Friday night


It’s a lot like going to a Broadway show and finding out all the understudies will be on stage that night.

There’s not going to be a lot of star power in New Jersey tonight.

Amar’e Stoudemire will sit out for the Knicks, according to a tweet from Steve Adamek of the Bergin Record. Stoudemire has an injured ankle that coach Mike D’Antoni said was worse than expected. For the Nets, Deron Williams is having wrist surgery and he is out.

However, Chauncey Billups is expected to return. The Knicks are currently the six seed in the East and must want to keep that standing, although it’s hard to say who they will face in the first round as the Heat and Celtics battle it out for the two and three seeds.

So, if you have tickets to this game, sorry. You’ll get the Carmelo Anthony vs. Anthony Morrow show, with Shawne Williams playing the part of Stoudemire, plus a lot of Toney Douglas and Sasha Vujacic. Enjoy.