Report: Sixers did not disclose Jrue Holiday injury to Pelicans, fined $3 million by NBA


On draft night two years ago, the Philadephia 76ers traded Jrue Holiday to the New Orleans Pelicans for Nerlens Noel. In those two years, Holiday has been healthy enough to play in 74 games, missing 41 games his first year after the trade due to a stress fracture in his right leg that required surgery.

The NBA says that the Sixers knew about a stress fracture in Holiday’s leg but didn’t disclose it — and they fined the Sixers for it, according to the Philadelphia Enquirer.

The 76ers were ordered to pay the New Orleans Pelicans $3 million by the NBA last season for not fully disclosing Jrue Holiday’s injury history before he was traded two years ago, according to two sources….

The sources said Holiday played with stress fractures in his lower right leg during his final season with the Sixers. However, the sources said, those injures weren’t fully disclosed to the Pelicans.

The Sixers, of course, deny this. Also, the Pelicans gave Holiday a physical before the trade went through.

However, the NBA felt strongly enough about it after looking at the evidence to fine Philadephia for its actions.

Interestingly, the Sixers are trying to get the league to look closely at what the Lakers knew before trading Andrew Bynum to them back in 2012, according to the same report. Bynum never played a minute for the Sixers.


New Pelicans coach Alvin Gentry calls Anthony Davis “The best player in the NBA not named LeBron James”


Fresh off winning a championship as an assistant with the Warriors, Alvin Gentry was finally officially introduced Monday morning as the next head coach of the Pelicans. His uptempo offensive style should be a great fit with the Pelicans’ roster, and he gets the opportunity to coach the league’s fastest-rising star in Luke Babbitt Anthony Davis. Gentry made his excitement known at his introductory press conference.

From the Times-Picayune‘s John Reid:

With emerging star power forward Anthony Davis in the fold, Gentry said the Pelicans roster has tremendous potential and he is eager to get started.

”We got the best player in the NBA, not named LeBron James,” Gentry said. ”But I’m really excited. I look at the roster and I lot of these guys I have a special relationship with.”

He’s not exactly wrong. The other player in that discussion is Kevin Durant, but he missed most of the 2014-15 season with a foot injury. If he’s healthy, he’s probably still the second-best player in the NBA. But taking into account age (Davis is 22) and untapped potential, there’s nobody in the league that any coach should be more excited to get to work with than Davis.

Report: Eric Gordon opts in with Pelicans


Eric Gordon was reportedly looking for a escape from New Orleans. Again.

Again, he’s staying.

Last time, it was New Orleans making the call, matching his max offer sheet from the Suns.

This time, it’s Gordon’s call.

Eric Pincus of Basketball Insiders:

Gordon wouldn’t get his $15,514,031 salary on the open market.

At 26, he’s too young to opt out just to seek a new long-term deal – especially one year before the cap skyrockets. Gordon’s best bet is trying to put together a productive season and entering free agency in the new-TV-contract landscape.

It’s been a miserable few years for Gordon, but playing with Anthony Davis offers hope – hope of easier shots and hope of playoff advancement, which raises the stock of everyone.

Gordon making the best of his situation means another year with the Pelicans – even if that’s just to position himself to sign elsewhere next summer.

Alvin Gentry’s message for Anthony Davis: ‘We’re coming right back here’


Now that the Warriors have won their title, assistant coach Alvin Gentry is headed to New Orleans.

He already has big plans for Anthony Davis and the Pelicans. Gentry didn’t even wait until Golden State’s celebration ended to reveal them.

  • Gentry: “AD, AD, we’re coming right back here.”
  • Steve Kerr: “Get out of here. You’re not on the staff anymore.”
  • Gentry: “AD, right back here.”

Davis should thrive in Gentry’s offense.

Can they win a championship together? When you have Davis on your team, anything is possible. Gentry might be riding this wave of euphoria longer than any other Warrior.

Norris Cole let Stephen Curry handle one of his Miami Heat championship rings (PHOTO)


Norris Cole has two championship rings, thanks to being fortunate enough to play alongside Dwyane Wade and LeBron James in his first two NBA seasons as a member of the Miami Heat.

Cole, now with the Pelicans, is at the Finals and is handling some media responsibilities for the league. And in a meeting with Stephen Curry on Facebook, Cole handed over one of those rings in order for Curry to give it a hands-on inspection.

This is obviously harmless in the grand scheme of things. But considering that LeBron James is battling Curry in these Finals, it’s worth wondering how he’d feel about a former teammate showing off his jewelry like this, which undoubtedly will provide LeBron’s primary opponent with an unnecessary source of additional motivation.