NBC sports app

Hey fellow Android phone users, NBC SportsTalk app upgraded


I’m just talking to my fellow Android phone users here (G2, to answer your question). The rest of you, just move along.

I use the NBC SportsTalk app all the time. The one that lets you follow ProFootballTalk, HardballTalk, CollegeFootballTalk, ProHockeyTalk,and the rest (including this humble blog) from your phone or tablet. Best way to keep up with sports news out there — even my mom knows how to work this one. But let’s be honest, there were a couple small glitches (the force close issue).

Fixed and upgraded, so go download the upgrade (version 1.1) now. We’ll wait. You’ll notice that GolfTalkCentral is in there now and a few other tweaks. This isn’t a Microsoft upgrade, this is real and worthwhile.

By the way, the iPhone and the iPad app is still there.

NBC Sports Talk app (with PBT) launched for Android


I’ve been waiting for this one myself. And pestering my bosses asking when it would happen.

I use an Android phone (G2) and have been waiting while NBC put together this great app for the iPhone and the iPad that tracks this blog as well as ProFootballTalk, HardballTalk, ProHockeyTalk, ProGolfTalk, CollegeFootballTalk and Inside the Irish. I wanted the Android version. I am not a patient man. Making me wait just makes me angry. And you wouldn’t like me when I’m angry.

It’s here. And you can download it for free at this link. Now, every time LeBron James misses a game winning shot you’ll be able to read about it almost instantly on your phone. Plus keep up on the NFL labor situation, the NBA labor situation, and how baseball people are laughing about those labor situations.

I’ve already downloaded the app and everything looks fantastic. Because I’m biased I’d like to say way, way better than the iPhone version, but frankly they are identical. Still, go download it. Now.