NBA players launch “let us play” twitter campaign


Sunday night at the Drew League vs. Goodman League, the NBA players were on script — they said they just wanted to play. To a man. It was like a mantra repeated in both locker rooms.

Monday, they took the campaign to twitter.

NBA players starting with union president Derek Fisher and on through LeBron James, Chris Paul, Gilbert Arenas and maybe 100 others started doing tweets like this.


It’s an effort to get public support and the fans behind them.

It’s not going to matter — if, or when, NBA games are lost, fans are not going to leave either side blameless. Nor should they, both sides deserve blame. I’ve said the owners deserve the majority of blame, but both sides are going to get it from fans. This is $4 billion in the fans money that the owners and players can’t figure out how to divide amongst themselves.

So the twitter campaign is nice, but the wrath that comes your way is deserved.

And lest you think all NBA players are on board, we have this from Brian Cardinal.


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