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We’re social creatures. All of us here at PBT. We love to hang out, swap stories about Rasheed Wallace, people watch and enjoy a good Scotch. We’ll hang out late and drink you under the table.

We’re also social media creatures. And you should hang with us there, too. PBT has — as of this morning — relaunched our FaceBook page. Just follow the link, become a fan, and then you can get all your NBA news mixed in with seeing how much weight the hottest girl in your high school has put on since then. (It’s a lot, isn’t it?)

Also, we are rolling on twitter through the playoffs (and beyond) with in game updates, links to stuff you should read and playing along with the entire — and massive — NBA twitterverse. Follow us there, too.

You know you can’t get enough PBT. Now you can have us with you everywhere. Just as God intended.