Oddsmakers think we’ll see some NBA basketball after Jan. 1


Because you should be able to bet on anything, we bring you NBA lockout odds.

No Dan Gilbert, you cannot bet because you can control the outcome.

Oddsmakers at Bodog think that there likely will be an NBA season, but not until we’re past the New Year’s Day college bowl games. Although they think it’s nearly even the full season is lost. Here are the three prop bets.

Will a 2011-2012 NBA Regular Season game be played before January 1st, 2012?
Yes                  +200
No                   -300

Will the NBA cancel the entire 2011-2012 Regular Season?
Yes                  -150
No                   +110

What percent of the BRI (Basketball Related Income) will the Players receive during the next Collective Bargaining Agreement?
Over/Under                    50.5%

Bet the under on that one.

Oddsmakers betting all-or-nothing on NBA season


About a week ago, I would say that the conensus among people in and around the NBA was that there would ba a partial season. Somewhere between 50-60 games. (Today, hope is up with talks going on in New York.)

But that’s not what the oddsmakers think. Bodog.com is letting you bet on the length of the lockout and your clubhouse favorite is no season at all. None. Gone like the Dodo. That is followed closely by a full season. So all or nothing.

Here are Bodog’s odds:

82 Games 8/5
51-81 Games 4/1
1-50 Games 3/1
No 2011-2012 Regular Season 5/4

Interesting. However, if you are betting on how much of an NBA season there will be, you may have a problem.