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Video: Top 10 plays from Las Vegas Summer League

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PBT brought you a whole lot of original content from the Las Vegas Summer league, both I and Scott Schroeder were out there (he was there the whole time), and you got daily updates and player stories. If you want to just know who stood out, we’ve got you covered.

And now, here are the highlight plays from 10 days in the Vegas sun. Enjoy.

Vegas, we’ll see you again next year.

Vegas likes the Miami Heat to be your NBA champions


We in no way want to encourage you to gamble while in Las Vegas. There are so many fantastic restaurants — PBT personally recommends RM Seafood and B & B Ristorante — where you know you will get a certain return on your investment in the form of a great meal and atmosphere.

But if you still want to put your money down on the NBA….

Turns out Las Vegas likes the Miami Heat to walk away with the title, followed by the usual cast of characters, reports the Los Angeles Times.

MGM Mirage’s race and sports director Jay Rood considers Miami a 2-to-1 favorite to win the title, followed by the Lakers (9-to-2) and the Chicago Bulls and Oklahoma City Thunder (5-to-1). Meanwhile, Jay Kornegay, director of the Las Vegas Hilton Race and Sports Book, has tabbed the Heat as 2-to-1 favorites, unless the Chicago Bulls (6-to-1) get past them. That puts the Lakers (7-to-1) in a third-place tie with the Dallas Mavericks and Oklahoma City Thunder.

We want to note two things. First, Vegas tends to put the Lakers’ odds lower than they think they actually are because so many Lakers fans come to Vegas (due to proximity to L.A.) and there is a lot of money on them. Vegas hedges potential losses by keeping the odds tight.

Second, the goal of odds is not to predict the winners but to estimate the public’s perception and give them numbers that will encourage them to bet.

That said, I kind of like the Thunder at 5-1. Good team on the rise, young legs to combat the condensed schedule, some guy named Kevin Durant. Just sayin’.

Derek Fisher denies he will play in Las Vegas Impact series

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UPDATE 6:41 pm: Derek Fisher took to his twitter account late Monday afternoon to deny the report that he is set to play in the Impact Professional Training Series in Las Vegas. While he will be in Vegas for a meeting with players on Thursday, he denied he signed up to play.

While I fully support the Impact League and all the players, I have NOT committed to playing, nor can I at this point.

I’d love to play, but no plans to given my schedule of meetings and my lead role in them.

1130 am: Derek Fisher sent out a text to NBA players recently telling them to be in shape in case the owners and players can settle their differences soon. Go ahead and read that as a sign of optimism if you wish, we should have a better idea by the end of the week if that optimism is warranted.

But Fisher is not just talking the talk, he’s walking the walk.

Later on Monday, the Impact Competitive Training Series will open in Las Vegas with about 60 NBA players competing in games to get ready for the season. Fisher will be one of them, according to the Orange County Register.

Fisher will miss the first couple days due to his duties as president of the players union — there is a big meeting Tuesday in New York. Then there will be a players meeting Thursday in Las Vegas — that is where and when Fisher will be in town. And since he’s there he’s going to get a good sweat in and sharpen his game.

Fisher needs to get sharp — under Mike Brown the Lakers are going to a system that will rely more on point guard play. If he can’t handle it, his minutes will plummet. Which would be just fine with a lot of Lakers fans.