No surprise here: NBA jersey sales off 38 percent

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There are some very complex marketing principles at work here. (Re-read that sentence in your best sarcastic voice.)

Turns out if you cancel 480 NBA games, stage a lockout where the owners and players snipe at each other while sounding greedy, fewer people buy NBA jerseys. Who knew?

The New York Post has the numbers to confirm all this.

NBA threads, like the Miami Heat’s LeBron James’ — last season’s highest-selling jersey — are down 38 percent.

Most online retailers are offering 15 percent to 20 percent discounts, in addition to peddling old-school or throwback jerseys at half-price to entice visitors.

“Expect FootLocker, Champs and others to follow suit,” said an insider. “It has nothing to do with the holiday, either. Retailers understand that after the lockout, the price tag must be cut.”

Adidas has the NBA jersey deal and they may be one of the businesses happiest to see the lockout end.

There will be some dampening of NBA popularity for the lockout, but because the games were saved by Christmas — when the more casual sports fan really starts to tune in — the hit may not be that serious. We’ll see how it impacts the playoff television numbers, but most observers feel that by next season it will be back to normal for the NBA.

And jersey sales. So if you want a good deal, shop now.

LeBron returns to top of NBA jersey sales pile


Apparently, a lot of you wanted a LeBron James Miami Heat jersey.

Sure, you talked about his massive ego and how the decision was handled and how this reflected on him as a person — then a bunch of you went out and purchased a No. 6 Miami Heat jersey.

Which means in one sense — the global marketing sense — LeBron got what he wanted out of “The Decision” and his move to South Beach.

LeBron moved back into the throne on top of the NBA jersey sales list, according to the USA Today. He leapt over Kobe Bryant, who had been the leader the past several years but fell to second (based on sales at and at the NBA store in Manhattan).

Often a star changing teams (or in Kobe’s case changing numbers) will spark jersey sales. But with the hit LeBron’s image took surrounding his summer decision and how it was handled, there were questions if he would see the same bump.

He has. LeBron has become a polarizing figure — people love him or hate him but there is no middle ground — but enough of the people who love him are buying jerseys to put him on top.

Maybe the biggest surprise is that Rajon Rondo climbed up the No. 3 spot. He led the way for the Celtics to sell the second most team merchandise, trailing the Lakers again.

The rest of the top 10 players in jersey sales were: Amar’e Stoudemire, Derrick Rose, Dwyane Wade, Kevin Durant, Carmelo Anthony, Dwight Howard, and rookie John Wall.