Shaq’s reaction to $35,000 fine: “WHYYYYYY”


As you can see from the video below, Shaquille O’Neal is terribly broken up about the $35,000 fine he got for ripping the referees after he fouled out in 12 minutes on Christmas. Just devastated. (Please re-read that sentence with your best sarcastic voice.)

(For the record, it apparently wasn’t the refs on Christmas as Shaq fouled out on Tuesday in all of 16 minutes. He’s on a roll.)

This video (shot by Comcast New England and via Slam) is just a reminder that in a couple of years we’re going to miss Shaq the personality. A lot.

Rudy Fernandez fined $25,000 by league


rfernandez_jumper.jpgWe told you the league was looking into this, well they did and it didn’t take long for the league to decide Rudy Fernandez’s public whining about wanting a trade or to be released violated league policy.

The NBA announced that Fernandez has been fined $25,000 for “public statements detrimental to the NBA.”

What does this really mean, aside the NBA charity getting a big check from Mr. Fernandez? Well, one can hope this calms down the rhetoric some for a little while.

But the fact of the matter is Nate Robinson publicly demanded a trade this year and got his way. Stephen Jackson demanded a trade this year and got his way.

Rudy Fernandez demanded a trade and…. it will come, he just has to wait while Rich Cho (Portland GM) sees if anybody ups the offers on the table. (Reportedly Boston and Chicago offered their 2011 first rounder, the Knicks offered Wilson Chandler as the key component.)