Nash to Knicks

Nash not going overseas, wants to stay in Phoenix

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Steve Nash is a homebody.

While other players are signing or flirting with teams overseas, Nash said he’s not going. The All-Star point guard is on a promotional tour in China and while Carmelo Anthony and Chris Paul said they would consider playing a season in China if the lockout drags on, Nash said no thanks, according to China Daily.

“Like I said before, if I did not have three daughters to take care of I would like to come and play in the (Chinese Basketball Association)” Nash said during a press conference on Monday in Shanghai.

“I know I have got a lot of diehard fans here, it’s incredible. The basketball league here is also awesome. It’s definitely a good league for all players worldwide. But I would like to stay with my family during the holidays,” said Nash, who arrived in China last Saturday for a four-day charity visit.

As he has before, Nash said again he isn’t looking to be traded to a contender.

“Every player wants the ring. We were very close to it many times. Changing teams may be away. But I don’t think I will join another team; I prefer to stay in Phoenix. Hopefully, we can go further next season,” said Nash.

Which is good, because it would be bad business for the Suns to trade Nash. Although the longer they hold out, the more interesting the offers that roll in may become.

Despite rumors everywhere, Suns say Nash not being traded


It was maybe the craziest rumor of this draft… which is saying something.

Steve Nash to the Minnesota Timberwolves for the No. 2 pick was discussed, according to Marc Stein at ESPN. He went on to say in the article it was unlikely because Nash wants to go to a contender, not a 17-win team. A team that just signed Ricky Rubio, so why do they want another point guard again? But the rumor got picked up and discussed. Same with the rumors of the Knicks wanting Nash (um, yea they do).

Suns President Lon Babby tried his best to squash the increasing volume of Steve Nash rumors (as well as Marcin Gortat rumors), as reported by Paul Coro at the Arizona Republic.

“We are not trading Marcin Gortat. Period. End of sentence,” Babby said Wednesday morning. “We are not trading Steve Nash. Period. Exclamation point….”

The Suns steadfastly have said that they intend to bring Nash, 37, back for the coming season, which will be the final year of his contract. Nash continually has said that he wants to remain with the Suns and feels loyal to his contract, franchise, personnel and fans.

With Gortat and Robin Lopez, don’t be shocked if the Suns do move one big man (there is a demand for defensive centers out there). But don’t look for a Nash trade.

Do expect lots of Timberwolves rumors — they seriously have called all other 29 teams looking at deals. Everything has been discussed, even the crazy and impossible.

Stunning news: Knicks would still like to get Steve Nash


From the NBC Sports Department of the Obvious, we bring you this news:

The New York Knicks still have interest in getting Steve Nash.

The New York Post has the shocking details.

There have been renewed whispers the Knicks have inquired about Suns point guard Steve Nash, who lives in SoHo in the offseason. The Knicks have talked internally about trading Chauncey Billups for Nash as both have expiring contracts. But there does not appear any reason for Suns owner Robert Sarver to make a move and give Mike D’Antoni a chance to reunite with his favorite son.

And now we get to the meat of the problem with all the Knicks trade rumors — they have nothing to trade. Outside of the limited appeal of Landry Fields and Billups, there is nothing left on that roster with real trade value. Everybody good went to Denver to get Carmelo Anthony.

Also, the Suns are not looking to trade Nash. He is an institution in Phoenix, he is the guy that fans love, the guy they pay to see. Suns fans are emotionally attached to him. Trade him and Sarver pisses off his fan base. To appease that if the Suns eventually do trade Nash, they are going to have to get something the fans love. The expiring contract of Chauncey Billups is not that.

But the Nash dream will not die easily in New York.