Austin Daye finding life in Moscow is not like Los Angeles

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Take a guy who grew up on the warm and diverse streets of Los Angeles then drop him in Moscow for a few months and you have the making of an interesting story. Or a terrible sitcom.

That’s what happened to Austin Daye, the Pistons forward signed a two-month deal to play with Moscow’s BC Khimki (a deal that has couple weeks left). He may or may not stay, both the lockout and a player returning from injury on the team will impact that.

But it has been one cultural experience for Daye, which he talked about with

“Everyone smokes here, I can tell you that. It’s just a little different, but it’s how you would figure it to be, it’s the European style. Moscow is the main city, where a lot of money is and you see a lot of Maybachs and Porsches and nice cars….

(Getting healthy food) been difficult because I can’t really just go to the store and buy things because it’s hard to communicate with people. I try to go to good places to eat and get a different variety of food. I try to eat the best I can, but it’s different out here. In the NBA, I was fortunate enough to have a chef all year.”

It’s one of the interesting things about the run of NBA players to Europe during the lockout — not every NBA player is made for it. There are good college players who can make a living over there who wash out because they can’t adjust to the culture changes.

Daye has, other guys have thrived, but it’s not for everyone.

Nets trying to be actual globetrotters, hosting open practice in Moscow

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Thumbnail image for nets-logo.gifBecause a move to Newark and a preseason game in China were not enough…

As the Nets are on their way to China, they are going to stop off for a while in Moscow for an open practice and to run a children’s clinic, according to the New York Times.

As you might expect, this is the brainchild of new owner Mikhail Prokhorov, the Russian billionaire working to make the Nets an international brand.

The Nets will stop over during their trip to China, where they will play two preseason games against the Houston Rockets, in Beijing Oct. 13 and Guangzhou on Oct. 16.

The NBA also officially opened their Moscow office Thursday, an office set to raise awareness of the sport in Russia and Eastern Europe.

Also Thursday the USA and its roster of NBA players knocked Russia out of the World Championships 89-79.