PBT Tuesday morning one liners


If you are looking for some over-the-top, ridiculous hatred of the Heat, start with this link.

Having an age limit has not reduced the number of draft busts. Moving the age limit to 20 won’t help either. And it’s just plain wrong.

A look at where things stand one month from the start of the lockout. It’s not good.

A fantastic look inside the Mavericks locker room after they won the Western Conference Finals (by our own Rob Mahoney).

A Q&A with Ron Artest where he picks the Heat to win it all and says the city of New York is killing the culture of street basketball in the city.

Jason Kidd will become the oldest guard ever to start in the NBA finals

The Miami Heat’s Game 5 comeback against the Bulls was so improbable they don’t even know what happened.

Mike Brown will be introduced as the new Lakers head coach today. Notice how quiet the Lakers players and those around the team have been about this move?

Even when the move is obvious, the Knicks find a way to make things difficult and seem like they are hiding something.

Tim Hardaway talks about dealing with the repercussions of his comments on gays made four years ago.

John Stockton’s son got a workout with the Utah Jazz.

Thursday morning one liners


What is wrong with the Thunder’s offense in video form — no movement off the ball. That is one thing they have to change going forward.

Derrick Rose recanted his PEDs comments from the other day, but that doesn’t mean the story should really go away. The idea that an NBA player may be taking designer drugs to speed recovery (like cyclists and marathon runners have been caught doing) seems logical if not probable. It needs to be looked at with more detail. The issue is more complex than just “that doesn’t happen in the NBA.”

Remember how we all criticized the Devon Harris for Jason Kidd trade at the time? Still think that way?

The Thunder’s Russell Westbrook stormed off the court without shaking any Mavericks hands Wednesday night. If you killed LeBron James about that a couple years back, you better do the same for Westbrook now. Personally, I thought neither was a big deal.

What is the deal with all these NBA prospects seemingly trying to avoid Milwaukee?

An update on the health of Boston’s Marquis Daniels.

Jerry West talks Golden State.

The family of the young boy who fell to his death out of one of the luxury boxes at Staples Center after a Lakers game has filed a lawsuit.

Hot Rod Williams has been arrested.

Portland president Larry Miller still saying everything is just fine in Portland after the firing of Rich Cho. Sure it is.

PBT Tuesday morning one liners

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The best Q&A out there with Joakim Noah about his use of a word that led him to a $100,000 fine. Like a good piece of art, it leaves you a little conflicted.

It feels ironic that today, after all the talk about the use of a gay slur by Noah, Steve Nash filmed a commercial to support marriage rights equality in New York.

The other side of this incident: How much abuse should players have to put up with from fans? When is that line crossed?

Rick Welts, the Suns CEO who recently came out saying he is gay, has heard nothing negative from other NBA teams about it.

Great article from Bethlehem Shoals about the DJs in NBA arenas. No, they can’t play anything they want.

Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov is helping form what I think is the 1,329th pro-Kremlin political party in Russia, but he promises it will not impact the Nets.

Here are all the names in the Warriors coaching search.

Well Celtics fans, what to do about Jeff Green?

How did Washington point guard and likely draftee Isaiah Thomas get his name? Well, his dad was a Lakers fan who made a bet….

One of the biggest business names in the Philippines has looked at the Sacramento Kings and thought about putting in an offer to buy the team (via Ben Maller). Not going to happen, but you see the kind of interest out there in franchises.

Marcin Gortat wants to play a bigger role for the Suns next season.

PBT Monday morning one liners

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You conspiracy theorists are right — LeBron James is part of a secret society. But it’s just to stay in shape.

Sleep apnea is a scary thing — when those who snore at night suddenly stop and can’t breathe — so it’s good to see Nikki “Hoopz” Alexander pushing her boyfriend Shaquille O’Neal to take part in a test.

Kevin Durant is mad at the losses by the Thunder. That’s nice, but he’ll need some angry teammates to make it all work.

The technical foul Tyson Chandler got on James Harden’s fine-worthy flop has been rescinded.

Another week, another new agent  for Rodney Stuckey.

Making the case that the people in Sacramento need to pitch in for a new arena.

The calls have started to trade Josh Smith in Atlanta.

The Sixers may be leaning big man in the draft.

We’re sure you remember Kevin Durant’s monster, game-changing dunk over Brendan Haywood. Haywood is blaming that on Peja Stojakovic (and he’s partially right).

Charles Barkley lets the fans Miami fans know exactly what he thinks of them.

PBT Friday morning one liners

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Could the Los Angeles Clippers have protected the pick they traded to Cleveland in the Baron Davis/Mo Williams deal, the one that became the No. 1 overall pick? It’s complicated, explains the brilliant Larry Coon (the CBA guru). Yes they could have, but not in a way that was good for them. Just go read it, I can’t explain it all here.

Now the pick the Nets traded away for this year became the No. 3 pick of the Jazz, but as the Nets got Deron Williams in the deal they are just fine with how it shook out.

Jazz GM Kevin O’Conner talks about moving up to the No. 3 pick in the draft.

There’s a report that Blazers GM Rich Cho tried to push for a suspension of Brandon Roy after Game 2 of their first round series, when Roy made some disparaging remarks. Pretty glad that didn’t happen (thanks to the owner).

The Wisconsin governor has come out opposed to the extension of the sales tax that built the new Millers Field for the Brewers to help the Bucks get a new arena. So, it’s pretty much DOA.

An inside the room look at the draft lottery.

The Bulls are 3-0 in the playoffs and 16-4 in the regular season after a loss. They have not lost more than two in a row all season.

There are some serious roster building questions in Atlanta.

Because nobody has really seen him play, Enes Kanter has become one of the bigger stars of the Draft Combine.

Omri Casspi landed an endorsement deal promoting the “cornflakes of champions.”