Mavericks high fives

Miami’s real problem this series: Not enough high fives


Back in early 2010, researchers at the prestigious University of California, Berkeley, did a study that showed teams that high fived and touched each other more won more games. Seriously. I mean seriously they looked at all the tape from the 08-09 NBA season and found the Lakers and Celtics touched the most, some bad teams like the Kings the least. If nothing else, it’s a great way to teach the difference between correlation and causation.

Well, the people at the prestigious Wall Street Journal decided to chart the same high fives and touches during the NBA finals — and Dallas is winning handily. (Via ESPN’s Heat Index.)

The Mavericks, with 250 slaps, hugs, taps or bumps, are almost twice as touchy-feely as the Heat, who had only 134 instances of televised contact. In those three games, the Mavericks were 82% more likely to high five….

No player over the three games collected more high fives than Mavs forward Tyson Chandler (90). He was followed closely by teammates Nowitzki (88), Shawn Marion (69) and Jason Kidd (69).

LeBron James leads the Heat with 41 touches — but if he would just be aggressive he could have so many more.

Mike Bibby is dead last with nine touches. Well, maybe there is something to this…