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Westbrook’s Christmas present for Durant? Half court alley-oop pass (VIDEO)


When elite players come into the big stage of Madison Square Garden they want to put on a show. When elite players get the chance to perform on Christmas Day, they want to put on a show.

Kevin Durant put on a show at the expense of the Knicks.

Durant had 29 points on 10-of-16 shooting and got to rest plenty at the end of a Thunder blowout win on Christmas. The best highlight of the game, this half-court alley-oop pass from Russell Westbrook to Durant.

Merry Christmas KD. Hope you enjoyed that present.

Knicks ticket prices to go up again next season


The “cheap” seats at Madison Square Garden are about to get less so.

Last year ticket prices for New York Knicks games jumped a whopping 49 percent as the renovation of Madison Square Garden’s lower bowl (combined with a team actually worth seeing) changed the economics of one of the NBA’s legendary buildings. James Dolan could charge more, so he did.

The cheap seats saw an increase, too, but they will see the bulk of this year’s 4.9 percent increase, reports Newsday.

The increases primarily will affect seats in the upper bowl, which will be the focus this coming offseason of the second phase of Madison Square Garden’s three-year renovation.

Among the changes in the upper seating areas will be more amenities and new sightlines created by increasing the incline of the upper bowl by 17 degrees.

Call it supply and demand or the rich getting richer (both are right), but if last year’s price increases didn’t drive away fans no way this one will. Because Jeremy Lin is totally worth it.

Knicks bump courtside disabled seat prices 900 percent. Classy.


Christmas Day the Knicks will take the floor at the renovated Madison Square Garden — and fans are going to pay a premium to see them thanks to finally having a decent team on the court and the upgraded facilities.

But this is ridiculous. From the New York Post (via

(Quadriplegic former Brooklyn high school basketball player) Alanzo George learned from a pal who had been treating him to floor tickets that courtside spots set aside for people in wheelchairs at Madison Square Garden soared from around $300 last year to $2,850 this year….

Garden spokesman Barry Watkins said the $300 spots were eliminated as part of the arena’s ongoing $850 million renovation. He said the new floor spots for the disabled are closer to the action than the old ones.

The average ticket price at Knicks games jumped 50 percent, but that increased price comes with the chance to catch an errant pass from point guard Toney Douglas.

Hey, it’s supply and demand and we are cutthroat capitalist society. I get that. But this does seem pretty harsh.

Even if the Knicks suck, the food at the Garden will be good

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The first phase of the $850 million renovation of Madison Square Garden is just about done and will open when the Rangers start their season soon. It will be ready for the Knicks whenever the NBA gets around to having a season, too.

We don’t know how good the Knicks will be once the season rolls around — they have some guys who can score, but role players and defense remain questions — but we know one thing for sure:

Knicks fans are going to eat well.

Interesting story (at least for us wanna be foodies) in the New York Times detailing the new food options in the renovated Garden.

Sausage Boss by Andrew Carmellini is one of four new concessions that high-end restaurateurs have created to serve mainstream food at the 43-year-old arena. Jean-Georges Vongerichten will offer Simply Chicken, Drew Nieporent will serve up burgers at Daily Burger and Jeremy Marshall of Aquagrill will open Lobster and Shrimp Roll, which pretty much describes his fare.

Also coming will be pastrami, corned beef and knishes from the Carnegie Deli; chopped brisket — and hand-carved prime rib — sandwiches from Hill Country; kosher food from Carlos & Gabby’s; a gluten-free concession; and desserts from Magnolia Bakery.

It’s one of the next wave in arenas — more than just boiled hot dogs and crappy nachos. Real food, with real flavors, and not just for the people sitting in the luxury boxes. Granted, this is a way for the building owners to make more money — it’s always about the money — but this is good for fans.

Well, unless you like crappy nachos.

Going to have to check this out next time I’m in the Garden.

Madison Square Garden stock dinged because of lockout

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The conventional wisdom is the players will feel the financial impact of the lockout long before the owners. The players are millionaires who (in some cases) lead extravagant lifestyles. The owners can lead extravagant lifestyles, they are billionaires with deeper pockets.

But at least one owner is already feeling the pinch of the lockout.

The Madison Square Garden Company — the parent company of the Knicks, the NHL’s Rangers, the building they play in and CableVision — has already seen a downgrade of its stock to hold by Bank of America because of fears of revenue lost by an extended lockout.

Here is what some Bank of America suit told NewsCore (story via Ball Don’t Lie):

“Despite our continued belief in MSG’s robust long-term story … we think the shares will be unlikely to outperform over the near term with $90 million of adjusted operating cash flow at risk from a full-season NBA lockout and a possible LA Forum acquisition on the horizon,” the analysts wrote in a note.

Here is another note on the downgrade from CNBC.

This really isn’t going to hurt Knicks head man James Dolan much, he’s not going to have to give up his blues band or anything. Unfortunately. But it is a hit and it shows the owners are not immune — both sides get hurt the longer this drags out.

And the players will crack first. They will be the losers at the end of this lockout. Sorry, but Sam Amick is right.