Very cool, distracting LED court from Kobe Bryant’s China tour. He has no idea how it works.


I would love to play a game on that court. Just one game, before the seizures kicked in.

That is the Nike RISE ‘House of Mamba’ LED court, which was unveiled during Kobe Bryant’s recent tour through China. The court is… cool. And distracting. It makes the game into a video game.

Kobe is not so much the tech guy that he gets how this works. Right there with you, Bean.

Hat tip to SB Nation.

Here’s your Taiwanese statue of naked Kobe Bryant wrestling a black mamba



Well… it’s not Michelangelo’s David.

And I feel safe saying in a few years when they put a statue of Kobe Bryant outside Staples Center in Los Angeles, it will not look like this.

This is from the Basketball Art Exhibition in Taipei, Taiwan. It’s a statue of naked Kobe apparently trying to shoot a lay-up/floater while battling and being fouled by a black mamba snake. For the record, the snake is biting Kobe in the Achilles, which is one of his recent injuries.

I’m no art critic, but I know what I like and… let’s never speak of this again. I’ll stick with the garden sculptures at the Huntington.

Hat tip to Lakers Nation.

Kobe Bryant, Pat Riley join ALS ice bucket challenge ranks


Does it really count if you take an ice bath every day, Kobe?

Still, Kobe Bryant became the latest in a long line of NBA players to join an icy summer — LeBron James, John Wall, Damian Lillard, Adam Silver, and most of Team USA, just to name a few. The ALS ice bucket challenge has taken off and gone viral, which has meant a lot of dumped water but more importantly a lot of money raised to help find a cure for the disease (better known as Lou Gehrig’s disease). Bottom line is you need to do more than dumping ice on your head — donate. And a lot of people are doing that.

Also jumping in on the ALS ice bucket challenge, we have Pat Riley on a boat (I love that he can just challenge Bruce Springsteen because they’re buds). Then for fun, Dikembe Mutombo.

Watch: Celtics rookie Marcus Smart throws out first pitch at Fenway Park


NBA players throwing out the first pitch at baseball games often doesn’t go all that well. If you’re looking for evidence, just ask John Wall or Nick Young about that.

But incoming Celtics rookie Marcus Smart did just fine with the honor this weekend at Fenway Park, besting a New England Patriots player in the process.


Trainer says Carmelo Anthony slimmed down to lengthen career


We don’t have a number, but Carmelo Anthony looks slimmer. There are reports he’s dropped weight.

Why? To extend the length of his career his trainer told

“In anything, you get older, and getting leaner and lighter helps with the longevity of your career,” Anthony’s trainer, Idan Ravin, told in a phone conversation Thursday afternoon.

“He’s played a lot of years,” Ravin added. “He puts a lot of mileage on his legs, so the leaner and lighter you are, obviously the better.”

He said there was not an aggressive, specific weight loss program, it was more the result of increased cardio and Anthony working hard to stick with his diet. Basically what a lot of players — Kobe Bryant, Ray Allen, Steve Nash and others — do as they age.

There were also reports Anthony dropped weight to better fit in the triangle, and maybe that’s a part of it. But this is likely the larger reason. Much like LeBron James’ weight loss, this is about keeping knees and a body that has seen some milage healthy. Plus Anthony is again going to have to carry a huge load with the Knicks this year. He’s going to need to stay healthy and on the court.

Of course, if one were cynical, one would say Anthony is hoping to be around for the contract after this one.