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Video: Best of Vegas Impact “lockout league” from Monday


We will have a lot more from the Impact Competitive Training Series — popularly known as the Vegas “lockout league” later in the week, but we’ll start you out with some highlights from Monday.

That includes some impressive throwdowns from  Christian Eyenga, which should make Cavs fans happy. And after watching the Browns lose to the Bengals, Clevelanders deserve something to be happy about. (But you get the Colts next week, that’s a good thing.)

Thanks to BallisLife.com for the highlights.

Video: Best plays from week one of Vegas Impact series


Part of next week I’m going to be out in Vegas for the end of the Impact Competitive Training Series, what has affectionately become known as the “lockout league.”

But for now, I’m like the rest of you basketball junkies, trying to get my fix with highlights and EuroBasket streams.

Here are the highlights from week one, compiled by BallisLife.com. Kings fans are going to love them some J.J. Hickson in this one.

Stephen Curry rolls ankle at lockout league but is “fine”

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There were bound to be a few injuries out at the “lockout league” in Vegas that runs this week and next. (Officially, it’s the Impact Competitive Training Series.). The hope was just nothing major.

So far, so good.

Stephen Curry rolled his ankle in one of the games Thursday, which is a concern because Curry battled ankle issues at the end of last season. So much so that he has surgery on it in May to tighten everything back up. But he tells Matt Steinmetz of CSNBayArea.com he’s “perfectly fine.”

“I’ve had a schedule for my recovery of coming back and I’ve been doing some high-impact workouts and I just wanted to run up and down the court a little bit,” Curry said. “I have no limitations right now and am just pacing myself to get back to 100 percent.”

In my best Chief Wiggum voice: Nothing to see here, show’s over.

Actually, maybe there would be some concern if camps were going to open in a few weeks, but as it is he should have plenty of time to heal.

Video from Vegas: Speights does bad things to McGee

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Sixers big man Marreese Speights has been one of the best players out at the “lockout league” — otherwise known as the Impact Competitive Training Series — in Las Vegas.

He was again on Wednesday, despite having to go up against rising star JaVale McGee (who was there playing with teammate John Wall).

Speights did some terrible things to McGee, and we thought we’d bring you the video (from the guys at Ballislife.com).