LeBron says he is in for the 2012 Olympics in London


There were concerns that if the lockout is still going on next summer (and there is a real chance of that happening) that the best NBA players would stay away because USA Basketball is seen as a David Stern production.

But if you think the best players are going to miss the chance to win a gold medal — and market themselves on the world’s biggest stage — you underestimate what really matters to players.

LeBron James is in for the 2012 London Olympics, he tells Hoopshype.

I’m committed. I can’t wait for it – to have an opportunity to go to London and defend our gold medal from Beijing. It’s going to be great. I’ve always loved the Olympics just to be around the athletes from all over the world. Not only in my country but to see all of the athletes, it’s so fun… I have a great deal respect for all other athletes that are competing as well.

Kobe Bryant also has said he is in.

You can say it is about pride in their country. You can say it is about competitiveness. You can say it is about legacy. You can say it is all about marketing dollars. The truth is it is a recipe of all of those (you can decide for yourself what is the main ingredient, I tend to think it’s all about the Benjamins) but that makes a dish the best players cannot resist. The USA will send a monster team to London.

LeBron committed to 2012 Olympics; “optimistic” for season


LeBron James says is not going to play in Turkey. Or Spain. But he is planning a trip to London.

In Akron for a “Wheels for Education” charity kickoff, LeBron told the Associated Press he is not looking to play  overseas because he is so “optimistic” there will be an upcoming season.

Not sure who he is talking to that makes him think that, but great. Somebody should be optimistic. And it’s not me.

James also said he was committed to USA Basketball and helping defend our nation’s gold medal at the 2012 London Olympics.

There have been thoughts that if the lockout wipes out the entire 2012 NBA season that NBA players would not go to London (because USA Basketball is seen as too closely tied to the NBA). However, LeBron joins Kobe Bryant as saying he is in for the 2012 games. Whatever concerns they might have, the chance to increase their global brand may be too great for the biggest players to stay away from the games (Nike would like them to play).