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Video: Carmelo Anthony, Chris Bosh on Law & Order: SVU


Chris Bosh and Carmelo Anthony were on “Law & Order: SVU” last night, and they were successfully able to pull off playing themselves.

Below is the video of the entire episode — which we’re sure you watched live here on NBC but we guess you want to re-watch it — and ‘Melo and Bosh can be found right at the start. They are at a banquet praising the youth coach that helped them get where they are today (“He’s created more millionaires than Harvard Business School”) when in comes a player screaming that the coach sexually abused him. Since this is a Law & Order show, you can pretty much assume the coach is guilty.

Bosh and ‘Melo make an appearance at the end as well. But here you go, check out the entire episode.

Set your DVR, part deux: Bosh, ‘Melo on “Law & Order: SVU” Wednesday

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While we’re pimping NBA players on NBC television shows, we need to remind you:

Knicks potential savior Carmelo Anthony and Miami Heat star Chris Bosh will be on “Law & Order: SVU” Wednesday night.

Insert your own “nice to see an NBA player with police and not in handcuffs” jokes here.

Bosh and ‘Melo are making cameos as themselves, both at the start of the program and at the climax. The theme of the show is a prominent youth basketball coach suspected of sexual misconduct with his charges.

One of your life goals has been to see Richard Belzer and Carmelo Anthony in the same place, admit it. Watch this show and you can check that off the list.

Now, to really get you in the mood for the show, listen to the Law & Order “doing doing” sound.

‘Melo, Bosh to appear on “Law & Order: SVU” this fall


There are times the written word is inadequate. This post really needs to start with that Law & Order “doing doing” sound. You know, this one. Yea. Just pretend that this first paragraph was only that noise.

Finally Carmelo Anthony, Chris Bosh, Richard Belzer and Ice-T in the same place. I know we’ve all been waiting for that.

Anthony and Bosh will appear in cameos as themselves in a basketball-themed episode of NBC’s “Law & Order: SVU” this season, according to (via CBS’ Eye on Basketball).

Insert your own jokes about Mariska Hargitay being needed to search for LeBron James’ game once the fourth quarter starts, that’s not what the episode is about.

Anthony and fellow NBA star Chris Bosh of the Miami Heat will each make cameo appearances in the opening scene and the episode’s climax. The episode, titled “Personal Fouls,” focuses on a youth basketball coach (The Wonder Years’Dan Lauria) who is suspected of being a sexual predator.

The episode is slated to air Sept. 28, right about when both men are set to take the court during training camp. Yea, right. Let’s just hope they are on the court before this episode ends up in summer repeats.