Poll: How will Cleveland fans react to LeBron James Thursday?


The anger in the building will be palpable, and when he does the pregame powder toss LeBron James better hope Cleveland fans are mature and aren’t tossing things at him.

You know, mature like Albert Belle.

There are campaigns to laugh at LeBron, to come up with chants or more mature responses. But it remains to be seen exactly what will happen when LeBron James and the Heat come to Cleveland Thursday night. What do you think Clevelanders will do?

Clevelanders start drive to laugh at LeBron


What to do with LeBron when he and the Heat come to Cleveland on Thursday night? Should Clevelanders simply boo him every time he touches the ball? Ignore him, putting up newspapers like a college student section?

How about laugh at him?

LaughAtLeBron is a campaign, first noticed by TerezOwens.com, to try to put together on twitter a unified response to LeBron (via the Boston Globe). It seems to be picking up some steam.

Honestly, this may be the best idea I’ve heard yet. It’s different, it’s deriding and mocking without the personal and family insults that even Dan Gilbert is trying to avoid at Quicken Loans arena. If the crowd Thursday night laughs at him and the plight of the Heat, that would seem fitting.

But fans are trying to come up with other chants, too, which you can see at @Cavs_Chants.