Video: Nike’s latest spot for the #KobeSystem: ‘Success for the Successful’


While we showed you the teaser clip for the KobeSystem a couple of weeks ago, the ad campaign for Kobe Bryant’s latest basketball shoe — the Nike Zoom Kobe VII — has now officially launched. It’s star-studded, and continues with the theme of Bryant as motivational speaker somehow convincing everyone that by adapting his system (i.e., wearing his shoes), they can reach even greater levels of personal success.

In case silliness in shoe-selling isn’t your thing, head on over to Nike Basketball’s YouTube channel and check out the shoe science clips. Those feature a more serious Kobe explaining how the system helps him in specific basketball situations.

You’re welcome.

[via Nike, Inc.]

Video: Welcome to the Kobe System


In the first of what will likely be a series of videos aimed at selling Kobe Bryant’s latest basketball shoe, the Nike Zoom Kobe VII, Bryant’s relentless competitive drive and history of success are used as the starting point for the ad campaign, and the result is a hilarious one.

If you have to explain why something’s funny then it probably isn’t, but the possibility (however small) that Kobe himself believes 100 percent of what he’s saying here makes this fantastic.