Video: Why you don’t want Kobe taking your penalty kicks

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Kobe Bryant is one of the world’s elite athletes. An icon. The biggest name in basketball world wide right now.

He’s not the guy you want taking your soccer penalty kicks.

Kobe loves the sport and came down to take some PKs after a Turkish soccer game (he’s in Europe on a Nike tour), and the guys at the Orange County Register found the video of feed of that. Kobe has some skills, but he’s no Messi.

Video: Kobe shows some soccer skills, drills penalty kick


Kobe Bryant had his fantasy soccer weekend in Washington D.C.

On Sunday he played in the Mia Hamm-Nomar Garciaparra Celebrity Soccer Challenge and had two goals — well, the first was an own goal, but he atoned for it with a nice strike. He actually got some cheers from the crowd for his ball control and play.

Saturday night he was at the F.C. Barcelona match against Manchester United in our nation’s capital and at half time came out to take a penalty kick. And… well, watch for yourself, but that is a solid shot nobody is saving.