Kobe Bryant’s Black Mamba movie


Why pay for Netflix, you’ve got us?

We bring you “The Black Mamba,” Kobe Bryant’s ad for Nikes movie with Robert Rodriguez.

If you love Kobe, you’ll like this and only laugh a little. If you hate Kobe, we present you fuel for the fire. Enjoy the part where Kobe goes one-on-five against our villans — just like every Laker game! The jokes will write themselves.

But at least he’s tried something different. And it’s not that bad.

New trailer for the Kobe “movie”

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We’ve told you about the Kobe Bryant/Nike/Black Mamba movie (okay, commercial)  coming to a laptop screen near you All-Star weekend.

It’s full of Bruce Willis and plenty of over-the-top acting and action. Which means it should be pretty fun.

You’ve seen the first trailer, here is the new one enjoy.

Kobe Bryant’s new “Black Mamba” ad, er, movie trailer

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“He thought he was on a road trip to Dallas. But he was on a freeway to Hell…”

Sure, the new “The Black Mamba” advertisement movie is not going to be cheesy. It has Bruce Willis in it, how could it not be cheesy?

We told you before that Kobe and director Robert Rodriguez had hooked up to do a short film that might in some way happen to try and sell some Nike shoes. And that Kobe was getting the full Hollywood star treatment because of it.

Now we have the official trailer for you to watch and it looks like a typical Hollywood blockbuster — cool look, lots of effects, we’ll worry about the script thing later. The entire movie is expected to drop around All-Star Weekend.

And is there a difference between a road trip to Dallas and one to Hell?

Kobe gets hand prints in cement at Hollywood theater landmark

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There have been defenders trying to give Kobe Bryant a pair of cement shoes for years. Now he’s just going to do it for himself.

Kobe is about to become the first non-actor to get his cement hand and foot prints in front of the legendary Grauman’s Chinese Theater in Hollywood. There will be a ceremony All-Star weekend where Kobe’s prints will go next to John Wayne, Marilyn Monroe, the cast of Star Wars, John Travolta, Al Pacino and other acting legends at what his an old Hollywood landmark turned cheesy tourist trap.

Why? Officially because of the new Nike extended advertisement, er, movie by director Robert Rodriguez featuring Kobe that will be released at the same time.

Really why? Because like pretty much anything in Hollywood it’s an honor you can buy if you are a celebrity with money and need a publicity stunt. Not that Kobe is paying for this, Nike is. And Kobe is as big a celebrity in Los Angeles as there is right now.

But get there fast — NBCLA.com reports Kobe’s prints will not be on permanent display out in front of the theater. This is only a temporary thing. Kobe is no Jack Nicholson. Or even Betty Davis.