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Lamar Odom uninjured in New York City car accident


Lamar Odom — thanks to his marriage, thanks to the reality shows that came with it, and thanks to playing on a championship team in a city where the entertainment industry reigns — is now news even when something that isn’t even his fault happens.

Lamar Odom was in a car accident in New York last week, according to the New York Post. He wasn’t driving and he wasn’t injured, but a motorcycle driver and pedestrian were seriously hurt. (UPDATE: The boy involved has died.)

To show you where his life is at, the accident was confirmed by the publicist for his wife (Khloe Kardashian):

“Khloe wasn’t in the car. It was a driver, and Lamar was in the back seat,’’ Kardashian’s publicist, Jill Fritzo, told The Post. first reported the accident, saying Odom was headed back a barbershop in his old neighborhood. The motorcyclist and a 15-year-old boy were both seriously injured in the crash, the Web site said.

There you go. If you want more details head to your favorite gossip sites. It would be interesting to see how this level of fame and the reality shows would go over with another franchise (Odom was mentioned in trade rumors around the draft). In Los Angeles, the franchise doesn’t blink, but would that be the case in Philadelphia or other towns?

We personally can’t wait for the lockout to end so we can get back to writing about basketball.

Lamar Odom’s reality show not affecting his game


I’ll be up front: I don’t like to criticize other media members for their opinions. Sports should be a fun debate and if we disagree about things, so what. The vast majority of people I’ve met in this business are good people, serious and passionate, who realize we have some cool jobs.

And I like Bill Plaschke of the Los Angeles Times. The couple brief times we’ve spoken casually at events he has seemed a good guy, and I can tell you people in the media really like him.

But his column on Lamar Odom and his new reality show with both poorly thought out and crossed the line into a personal life that really was uncalled for.

In case you missed it (and I did for a day because frankly, I’ve stopped reading Plaschke regularly), he said Odom’s new reality show Khloe & Lamar was bad for Odom and the Lakers.

One of the show’s themes, even from the arrangement of names in the title, is that the Kardashian women are powerful enough to even push around an NBA star. I’m wondering how Odom can watch or hear about himself portrayed in this manner, then go out and easily become the aggressor on the basketball court….

It’s raw, it’s painful, it sometimes shows Odom as being even softer than the reputation of Pau Gasol and, as a motivational tool, it stinks.

The problem is that all actual evidence shoots this down. Plaschke may not like reality television, but he tries to pull out small sample examples to bolster his point when the larger picture shoots him down.

The Lakers went 17-1 while the reality show was being filmed and Lamar Odom kept playing well enough that he put a stranglehold on winning his first ever Sixth Man of the Year award, following the best season of his pro career.

Then the show went on the air and the Lakers didn’t play as well. The problem there is a basic causation vs. correlation problem — just because two things happen at the same time doesn’t mean one caused the other. There is a long history of the Lakers in the last three years going through stretches of playing poorly for weeks at a time. None of those were reality show related, they were Lakers psyche related.

If you’re trying to say a reality show made Lamar Odom an inconsistent player, then apparently he has been filming a reality show since college.

Did Odom have a bad first game of the playoffs? Yes. Name a Laker who didn’t. So Plaschke makes a connection to the reality show….

But then Odom put up 16 points in Game 2 and was one of the keys to the Lakers win. So… now what with that theory? Well, Pau Gasol had a second off game in a row, so maybe he is bothered by Odom’s reality show? Or maybe we should let the big picture play out before leaping to conclusions.

Before I wrote this, I suffered through one episode of Khloe & Lamar (and I mean suffered, that show is just bad television). My first thought is the thing seems scripted. Even the arguments seem scripted. So, just like on Around The Horn.

You know how Odom came off to me? Human. He has fights in his marriage and sometimes says things he regrets. Been there. He makes mistakes. He tries to get through as best he can. He is insecure about some things. He wants to make his wife happy. All totally different than the rest of us.

And his wife won an argument… um, yea. That’s how it works 99 percent of the time. Unless Plaschke married a mannequin he knows that.

Odom — and every NBA player — has to go through the same life crap we all do. Personal relationships can effect how we perform at work sometimes. Eve though we try not to let it. We make mistakes. We spend a lot of time dealing with the little annoyances of life when we’d rather be doing what we enjoy doing.

Odom decided to put all that out there in a reality television show. So what? There are limits to what we should read into the personal life of professional athletes, even when they put those lives out in the most public of displays.

Basically, until we see evidence that Khloe & Lamar makes Odom worse on the court, you can’t say it does. No matter how desperate for a column topic you are.

Just what you wanted to see in the morning: Khloe & Lamar

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We know you can’t wait until the Sunday premiere of Khloe & Lamar (the reality show for Laker Lamar Odom and his Kardashian wife). Your DVR is set. Your pinot grigio is chilling. You will make little finger sandwiches.

No, I’m not watching it either.

But in case you wanted to see the opening credits fo the show, we’re here to help. It’s a playful game of basketball and you know they’re not taking it seriously because Odom goes to his right (and not because Kardashian was overplaying his left hand because she read the scouting report).

We’re sorry for doing this to you. (via CBS Eye on Basketball)

Sorry to do this to you, but the “Khloe & Lamar” promo is here

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Because there is not enough of a crossover between sports and entertainment, we bring you this…

The “Khloe & Lamar” trailer. Which Eric Freeman at Ball Don’t Lie found for all of us. We are not sure why or if we should even thank him. We’re afraid to ask how he found it at all.

Sorry, but you have to wait until April to see the actual show, which will cure your broken heart and finally make you ready for love again. That or make you nauseous.


Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom scent commercial. We wish this were a joke.


I don’t really know what to tell you here. I don’t necessarily want to force you to watch this.  Because once you’ve seen it, it cannot be unseen. It’s really just uncomfortable and will live with you. Perhaps you’re thinking “Well, Matt, I’ll just not say watch it.”

Oh, silly person. You know you can’t resist. This is the commercial for Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom’s “unisex scent” fragrance. And it is, by far, the most ridiculous thing of 2011. I know 2011 is young, but it’s got such a terrific shelf-life considering the fact that… well.. just watch the video.

I mean, they actually made this. And then they got done with it, looked at it, and said “Yes, this is something I want to carry my name and product. I approve this message.” They signed off on this. With the nakedness and the touching and the discussion of basically smelling like what Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian having sex smells like.

It’s like an Awkward Family Photo in motion, through the prism of celebrity.

This is life, I’m just not sure why.