Kevin Love refuses to return Kelly Olynyk’s calls


Kevin Love – who suffered a season-ending shoulder injury on a tie-up with Kelly Olynyk – made his stance clear: “I thought it was a bush-league play. … I have no doubt in my mind that he did it on purpose.”

Olynyk has been equally clear: “That’s ridiculous. I would never intentionally hurt Kevin or anyone else.”

The Celtics forward said he has tried to call Love to “apologize to him for the misfortune” and “just wish him well.”

How’s that going?

Chris Haynes of

As for Boston’s Kelly Olynyk, the one responsible for putting Love in this burdensome, uncalled for predicament, he claims to have moved on from the disdain of hearing Olynyk’s name. He claims.

“Oh yeah. I’m over it,” Love said. “I’m just trying to get healthy.”

Love said Olynyk has reached out multiple times and he acknowledged not returning any of his calls. He’ll save that conversation for down the road. Right now, he has more important business to tend to.

“All I’m focused on is getting healthy right now,” he said.

I don’t see how taking Olynyk’s call would deter Love from getting healthy, but that’s just me.

If Love wants to hold a grudge, that’s his prerogative. Maybe Olynyk intentionally injured him. I don’t think so, but it’s hard to judge someone else’s intent – including Love judging Olynyk. That’s why Love is probably better off just talking to Olynyk, but again, Love can do what he wants.

This is bad news for the Celtics if they were still dreaming of getting Loveand maybe the Cavaliers, too. If he’s the type to hold a grudge, he’d have a few reasons to bolt Cleveland.

Cavaliers show in-arena hype video featuring man battering girlfriend for wearing Bulls gear


Update: Here’s the video (hat tip: Zach Harper of It’s somehow way worse than I even imagined.


Several journalists covering last night’s Cavaliers-Bulls game tweeted about a video shown in Cleveland’s arena. The most repeated phrase: “Tone deaf.”

Here’s an attempt to piece together the video’s content:

Ethan Skolnick of Bleacher Report:

Nubyjas Wilborn:

Allie Clifton of Fox Sports Ohio:


Domestic violence is something we haven’t taken seriously enough, including in the sports realm. Since Ray Rice, that has begun to change, but there’s still a long way to go.

I doubt the video – where the victim is the butt of the joke – would ever be funny and appropriate. But right now, in this environment, it’s definitely neither.

The Cavaliers marketing team seems to be full of questionable ideas. At least they didn’t go through with the Kevin Love arm sling giveaway idea.

Attacking LeBron James puts up 33 in Game 2 win (VIDEO)


In Game 1 against the Bulls, LeBron James came out looking to get his teammates involved. Nice sentiment. But with Kevin Love and J.R. Smith out it meant Mike Miller, James Jones and Shawn Marion — all guys LeBron pushed for the Cavs to get last summer — were asked to fill in and none could. The result was a slow start from which the Cavaliers would never recover.

In Game 2, LeBron just put the team on his back and said “let’s go.” He finished with 33 and just overpowered the Bulls defense. It had to be the headband.

The series is headed to Chicago for Game 3, but the Bulls have some tough questions to answer as long as this LeBron keeps showing up (and his teammates keep knocking down shots as they did Wednesday night).

Cavaliers planned to give away 20,000 arm slings for Kevin Love, cancel


Rockets fans wear fake beards for James Harden. The Pelicans gave out wearable unibrows to support Anthony Davis.

And the Cavaliers had a really, um, interesting idea to show their appreciation of Kevin Love, who is out for the rest of the playoffs with a shoulder injury.

Tom Withers of the Associated Press:

The Cavaliers canceled a plan to give away 20,000 arm slings to fans to show support for injured starting forward Kevin Love, who is out for the rest of the NBA playoffs.

It’s not known what the team plans to do with the unused slings.

One of the most interesting off-court storylines of these playoffs is how Love, a potential free agent this summer, will assess his standing with the team as it plays without him.

How will he react to the team making light of his injury? Did his response have anything to do with the cancellation (they are reportedly fearful of him leaving)?

I have no idea.

I do know: If I were a Cavs fan, I’d happily wear a Kevin Love sling. That’s just fun.

LeBron’s big night helps Cavs recover to tie series with Bulls


The headband was back. So was the dominance.

A couple months after ditching his trademark headwear in an apparent show of team unity, LeBron James brought it back. If he was sending a message that he means business, it was a success. James totaled 33 points and 8 rebounds in the Cavs’ Game 2 win over the Bulls, tying the series as they head back to Chicago.

The final score was 106-91, and even that is misleadingly close. The Cavs controlled things from the opening tip. Chicago never led once, and Cleveland led by double digits for all but the first six minutes.

After Monday’s disastrous decision to start Mike Miller in place of the injured Kevin Love, Cavs coach David Blatt opted for a bigger lineup with Tristan Thompson in the frontcourt next to James and Timofey Mozgov. The change paid off big-time: Thompson’s 12 rebounds, six of which came on the offensive end, were crucial in preventing the Bulls from making a run and ever seriously getting back in the game.

In Game 1, the Bulls were hitting every open jumper and all Cavs players except Kyrie Irving were missing them. The trend reversed Wednesday: James Jones shot 5-for-9 from three-point range and the Cavs even got quality minutes out of backup point guard Matthew Dellavedova.

James was locked in after much was made on Monday of Jimmy Butler shutting him down in Game 1. This is the LeBron that showed up Wednesday:

The Bulls have to be happy to get a split of the first two games on the road, but with J.R. Smith set to return in Game 3 (on Friday at the United Center), the Cavs will have another shooting weapon that the Bulls’ increasingly tired defense will have to account for.