Russell Westbrook doesn’t want to talk about passing, willing to shoot fewer 3-pointers


Anthony Davis deserves plenty of credit for the Pelicans’ win over the Thunder yesterday, but don’t overlook Oklahoma City’s late offensive collapse.

The Thunder went scoreless on their final six possessions, and Russell Westbrook was largely to blame. In the final five minutes, he shot 1-for-8, including 0-for-3 from beyond the arc, with two turnovers. Berry Tramel of The Oklahoman even noted Westbrook didn’t pass in the final 4:58.

Every season, Westbrook’s style comes under the microscope. We’ve reached that point this season, and Westbrook is being both dismissive and introspective.

Darnell Mayberry of The Oklahoman:

Royce Young of ESPN:

Thunder guard Russell Westbrook said Monday that he needs to cut back on the number of 3-pointers he attempts.

“I need to stop taking as many as I’m taking, to tell you the truth,” he said. “I’m going to take those down as the season goes along.”

“It’s not always a great shot for myself or my team. So I’ve got to do a better job of taking those out,” he said. “My advantage is attacking, regardless of who’s in front of me. That’s my advantage. And I’ve got to use my advantage to help my team and help myself.”

Let’s start with 3-pointers.

Westbrook is attempting 3.4 3-pointers per game, down from 4.7 last season. So, he’s going the right direction – just not significantly enough.

He’s shooting 29.2 percent from beyond the arc, an unhealthily low percentage. Too often, Westbrook forces jumpers, and it’s good he realizes that. Few players can attack the rim like he does. He should use his advantage.

Passing is another story, and this is an area where Westbrook takes too much heat.

Did he dominate the ball too much against the Pelicans? Yes, but what else was he supposed to do?

Kevin Durant was out, and Scott Brooks’ offense too often runs stagnant. There’s a lot of pressure on Westbrook to make something happen. Ideally, that something include more passing, but let’s not pretend mastering that responsibility comes easily.

That’s why I believe Westbrook takes too much unfair criticism for his style – in this case, quite literally. Contrary to Tramel’s count, Westbrook passed with 4:35 left. (Westbrook also had a turnover with 3:01 left classified as a bad pass, but he really just got his pocket picked.)

That said, if my best defense for Westbrook is that he threw a single pass in the final 4:58, that says something.

The discussion about his willingness to pass might be uncomfortable, and it’s human nature for him to get defensive. It is unfair that critics pile on when the team loses, even if his style also leads to wins. But the Thunder would be better off if Westbrook – and Brooks – make adjustments.

Westbrook cutting down on his 3s is a good start. Losing his periodic tunnel vision for his own shot would be another good step. A more-competent offense around him would make both easier.

PBT’s weekly NBA Power Rankings: Santa brings Warriors top spot, lump of coal for Knicks


Welcome to the Christmas edition of ProBasketballTalk’s NBA Power Rankings. The Warriors, Trail Blazers and Grizzlies have been on the nice list and have the top three spots in the rankings this week. However of late the Knicks have racked up more lumps of coal than even the Sixers, and that is reflected.

source:  1. Warriors (22-3, Last Week No. 1). The good news: Steve Kerr said David Lee looked great in practice and should return soon (will he accept coming off the bench is the question). The bad news: Andrew Bogut is out for a spell after getting PRP treatment on his troublesome knee. They need him come the playoffs — they are good team without him, they are a title contender with him. Which means you rest him all you need to right now.

source:  2. Trail Blazers (22-6. LW 4). They passed their test last week beating the Spurs twice — once thanks to 43 points from Damian Lillard — plus beat solid Pelicans and Bucks teams. They have won five in a row. It doesn’t get easier with the Rockets and Thunder up this week, but they are one of a handful of teams that currently have a top 10 offense and defense (based on points per possession), one of the signs of a true contender.

source:  3. Grizzlies (21-6, LW 3) Back-to-back wins over the Warriors and Spurs were impressive, then they turned around and dropped games to the Bulls and Cavaliers. I keep getting asked in radio interviews, “Can Memphis can keep this up into the playoffs?” Of course, they’re already playing playoff-style basketball. They don’t have to change a thing.

source:  4. Mavericks (20-8, LW 7). You can’t read much into just one game in Dallas for Rajon Rondo — although Monta Ellis sure seemed comfortable with another ball handler on the floor — however there is a new confidence around a team that had struggled against the other top seven in the West. Good test coming Sunday against Thunder.

source:  5. Clippers (19-8, LW 6). Doc Rivers would love to make a move to add help from guys who come available like Corey Brewer and Josh Smith, but after giving Spencer Hawes the MLE the hard cap kicks in, making it difficult to get quality. LA stumbled going 3-3 in the last six games of the soft part of the schedule, now things get serious: At San Antonio, at hot Atlanta, Golden State on Christmas Day, then Toronto.

source:  6. Raptors (22-6, LW 9). Give the Raptors credit, there were questions about what would happen when DeMar DeRozan went down but Toronto has gone 9-3 without him. We’ll see how they do this week on the road against the Bulls, Clippers and Nuggets.

source:  7. Hawks (19-7, LW 12). We wanted to see quality wins from them, so they went out last week and beat Cleveland, Houston and Chicago. Al Horford was a beast, averaging 18.3 points, 6.7 rebounds, 5.0 assists and 1.7 blocks a game in those three. He remains the most underrated star player in the NBA.

source:  8. Rockets (19-7, LW 2). Back-to-back losses to Pelicans and Hawks at home and now things get serious: Blazers, Grizzlies, Spurs up this week, then Wizards to start next week. They’ve got James Harden still playing well but the Rockets have been a turnover machine of late.

source:  9. Spurs (17-11, LW 5). After two triple-overtime games in one week, you can expect Gregg Popovich to give Tim Duncan January off to rest. The Spurs lost both those 3OT games and now have dropped four in a row, then when you add in the news Kawhi Leonard has a hand injury, well, it’s been a really rough week in San Antonio.

source:  10. Bulls (17-9, LW 10). That was a quality road win in Memphis last week, with rookie Nikola Mirotic going off for 27 points. The Bulls have 12 road wins already. They will play on the Christmas Day stage at home against the Lakers. I don’t think the NBA booked this game thinking about a Carlos Boozer returns to Chicago storyline.

source:  11. Cavaliers (16-10 LW 8). Still hard to get a read on this team because of the inconsistent play — are they the team that easily handled Memphis last week or the one that was just throttled by Atlanta? Mike Miller is in the starting lineup for now at the two spot.

source:  12. Suns (15-14, LW 17).

source:  13. Wizards (19-7, LW 11). They had won six in a row until they ran into Phoenix and John Wall got completely outplayed by the Suns backcourt. Still, the Wizards are 6-2 against the West, which is impressive considering the conference as a whole has a 35.6 percent winning percentage against the West.

source:  14. Pelicans (14-13, LW 14). They hang on to the eight seed in the West by beating Oklahoma City (the team that will eventually track them down and pass them) and Houston. They are doing it behind Anthony Davis, who is putting up MVP level numbers in his third season in the league.

source:  15. Thunder (13-15, LW 13). Kevin Durant has been out again with a sprained ankle but this time it really showed as the Thunder were passive against a soft Laker defense, then they lost to the Pelicans thanks to an unimpressive defense. Good news is Durant’s injury is minor.

source:  16. Bucks (14-14, LW 14). While the team has played well in his absence, the loss of Jabari Parker for the season to an ACL injury is just a loss for basketball fans everywhere. He was playing well. This is a setback for his development.

source:  17. Nuggets (12-15, LW 18). They are going to be without Danilo Gallinari for at least three weeks for another knee surgery. While this one is relatively minor, it’s not a good sign. Meanwhile the Nuggets keep slogging along.

source:  18. Heat (13-15, LW 20). Chris Bosh is still out and Dwyane Wade is in and out of the lineup, which is why the Heat are 1-3 on their current home stand. The bigger question is just how loud the boos will be — or should be — when LeBron James returns to Miami on Christmas Day.

source:  19. Kings (11-15, LW 16). They snapped a five-game losing streak against the hapless Lakers. In that game Lakers radio broadcaster (and former No. 1 pick) Mychal Thompson compared DeMarcus Cousins with Moses Malone — that’s some high praise. But Cousins has earned it this season.

source:  20. Celtics (10-15, LW 23). I know a lot of Celtics fans don’t think they got enough, but fans tend to overvalue their own assets — there just wasn’t that much trade demand for Rajon Rondo and what they got for Dallas was likely about as good as it gets. I bet Boston asked for all the restrictions on that first round pick, hoping to stagger their picks out and move it to next season.

source:  21. Nets (11-15, LW 19). The rumors of the Deron Williams to Sacramento trade sum things up well — the Kings only will take on Williams and his contract if they can get the coveted Mason Plumlee as well. Not much demand for the Nets stars out there.

source:  22. Hornets (8-19, LW 25). Hey, don’t know if you heard, Lance Stephenson is available in a trade. The problem with moving him is evidenced in the report the Pacers players were polled about the idea of bringing him back and they shot the idea down.

source:  23. Magic (10-20, LW 21). There are moments you see the potential, you can see how Victor Oladipo is developing into a quality player. Then they go lose to the Sixers.

source:  24. Pacers (9-19, LW 24). They had lost eight in a row but have split their last four. Even with the second worst offense in the NBA and the need to add shot creation, their players rejected the idea of bringing back Lance Stephenson.

source:  25. Lakers (8-18, LW 22). After Kobe is 11-of-45 (24.4 percent) shooting over his last two games and 33-of-113 (29.2 percent) in his last five games. He’s clearly exhausted. Yet after going 3-of-14 against the Thunder, the Lakers needed a game-winning shot so coach Byron Scott called up an isolation play for Bryant. It shows who really has the power in that organization.

source:  26. Jazz (8-20, LW 27). Derrick Favors talking to PBT: ““I spent a lot of time this off-season working on my jump shot and my whole offensive game. When Quin (Snyder) got hired we talked, he told me how he was going to use me in the offense, the things he wanted me to work on, the things to keep improving on and so far it seems to be paying off.” Check back to PBT Tuesday for more.

source:  27. Pistons (5-23, LW 28). It was a bold stroke by Stan Van Gundy to cut Josh Smith loose, that signing was Joe Dumars desperately grasping at straws to save his job. The most amazing part of this is SVG not only had the balls to suggest to owners Tom Gores to eat $27 million after this season, he was able to get the owner to sign off on it.

source:  28. 76ers (3-23, LW 30). Through all the losses and occasional skirmishes on the bench, there are signs of development in Philadelphia. Count me in the group that thinks one or two veterans on this team — just role paying real pros — could help speed that development along by modeling professionalism, but there is development.

source:  27. Timberwolves (5-21, LW 26). Losers of five in a row and they have shipped Corey Brewer out of town, likely not the last veteran moved off this roster before the deadline. Maybe Troy Daniels can find a home and his shooting stroke in Minny, that guy was lights out in the D-League from beyond the arc.

source:  29. Knicks (5-25, LW 29). They have lost five in a row and are just hard to watch right now (and that’s with Carmelo Anthony in the lineup). The temptation is to say Phil Jackson inherited this roster, but he chose to re-sign Carmelo, went out and got guys like Jose Calderon and Samuel Dalembert, plus much of the bench were his guys. He didn’t put together much of a triangle team.

UPDATE: Kevin Durant’s status Sunday vs. Pelicans not yet known, is game time decision

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UPDATE Dec. 21, 12:45 pm: Turns out the early reports were premature. The official status of Kevin Durant is he is a game time decision for Sunday night against the Pelicans. It likely will not be until Scott Brooks speaks to the media pregame that we will know his status.

If the ankle is bothering him at all the Thunder should rest him — this is December, not the playoffs. That said he may be fine. I saw him walking at Staples Center Friday night before he sat out the game vs. the Lakers and he showed little if any limp in his walk then.

Dec. 21, 9:30 am: That play happened just before halftime last Thursday night and the Thunder understandably want to be cautious here — once an ankle ligament is stretched out in a sprain a player is more susceptible to aggravating or worsening the problem until it fully heals. The Thunder want to get this right, not have it become a lingering thing.

So Durant will sit out his second game in a row Sunday night, this one in New Orleans reports the Times Picayune.

The Thunder won Friday night without Durant in a close one with the Lakers. They’re going to need to play better here, the Lakers don’t have anyone who causes near the problems that Anthony Davis does.

NBA releases second ‘No Gifts’ spot to hype Christmas Day games (VIDEO)


The NBA released its second spot to hype the Christmas Day slate, and it features Stephen Curry, Kyrie Irving, Chris Paul, Dwyane Wade and Pau Gasol declaring that they won’t be in a giving mood this holiday season.

Christmas Day features a stellar five-game slate — one that draws many of the league’s more casual fans in, and is viewed (by them) as a sort of unofficial start to the NBA season.

12pm ET – Wizards vs. Knicks on ESPN

2:30pm – Thunder vs. Spurs on ABC

5pm – Cavs vs. Heat on ABC

8pm – Lakers vs. Bulls on TNT

10:30pm – Warriors vs. Clippers on TNT

MORE: Nike unveils Christmas shoes for Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant, LeBron James

Spurs’ Kawhi Leonard has torn ligament in right hand, return unclear

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As of this moment, the Spurs, with a record of 17-9, sit at just seventh place in the Western Conference standings.

San Antonio more than any other team coaches for the season instead of on a game-to-game basis, and Gregg Popovich knows better than anyone that having his team at full strength and firing on all cylinders once the postseason begins is really all that matters.

But an injury to a key player may throw a wrench into the team’s plans for an indeterminate amount of time.

From Mike Monroe of the San Antonio Express-News:

Per Kawhi Leonard, he has torn ligament in right hand; must wait for swelling to reside before considering returning

Spurs Kawhi Leonard, listed out with bruised right hand, has a torn ligament “Not as bad as it sounds,” he said. “I should be back soon.”

And from Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports:

Just a couple games before the likely return of Spurs’ Kawhi Leonard from a torn ligament in his right hand, league source tells Yahoo.

Not as bad as it seems is the prevailing conclusion, which is important, given the strength of the rest of the teams out West.

Not only have six teams in the conference managed to have a better record than the Spurs to this point of the season, but the Thunder are expected to go on a sizable run now that Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook are back in the fold, while Dallas upgraded its starting point guard significantly by acquiring Rajon Rond in trade from the Celtics.

If Leonard only misses a couple of games as expected, then little harm will be done. But given the tenacity of so many other teams vying for playoff contention, San Antonio not only needs to be healthy, but may need to rest its star players less than usual in order to secure a favorable playoff position.