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Report: Nets, Blazers talking point guard swap: Andre Miller for Devin Harris


The New Jersey Nets have not been all that happy with Devin Harris of late. I’m not sure they should be — statistically he’s playing better than last season and this is what you get out of him most years. His points per game may be down (especially of late) but he is shooting less and hitting more and his assist percentage is up. But they say that since the last round of Nuggets trade rumors when Harris was on the block, he has been less committed to the team.

Well, now he’s back on the block. According to All Iannazzone of the Bergen Record the Nets and Trail Blazers are talking about a point guard swap that would bring Andre Miller to the East Coast.

The Nets and Blazers have exchanged trade proposals and still are discussing a deal. Harris and veteran point guard Andre Miller are the main pieces, but more players are involved, multiple NBA sources said.

It’s doubtful the Nets will trade Harris, who turns 28 in two weeks, straight up for Miller, who turns 35 next month. The Nets want to expand the trade and are trying to include disappointing free-agent signing Travis Outlaw, who began his career in Portland. The Blazers are interested in shooting guard Anthony Morrow.

Also discussed have been Rudy Fernandez and Joel Przybilla, according to the report.

There’s one big hold up — Harris still could be needed as part of a Carmelo Anthony deal. If the Nets and Nuggets decide that Chauncey Billups is headed to New Jersey in this trade (if it happens), then Harris almost certainly would be feeling Rocky mountain high (Colorado… you can thank me later for getting John Denver stuck in your head).

One way or another, it sounds like New Jersey is serious about moving Harris.

Blazers Andre Miller, Clippers Brian Cook get suspensions

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For a game that wasn’t all that close, there was some chippy play in the Clippers and Blazers Sunday tilt.

Chippy enough for the league to take notice and hand out its form of justice — Los Angeles’ Brian Cook has been suspended two games for a harsh flagrant two on Joel Pryzbilla (he flattened him). Portland’s Andre Miller has been suspended one game for “making excessive and unnecessary contact with Blake Griffin of the Clippers.” Cook’s incident came right at the end of the third quarter, Miller’s midway through the fourth.

Cook will sit out the Clippers game Monday against the Kings and Wednesday against the Lakers. Miller will sit out Tuesday’s Blazer game against Phoenix. Needless to say, the suspension hits the Blazers much harder as they rely on Miller to create offense for them.

Blazers waive Jeff Pendergraph, keep Patty Mills on roster

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The ying and the yang, the sorrow and joy of the NBA roster cuts….

Just 18 days ago Jeff Pendergraph was a sure thing for the Portland Trail Blazers, a second year center who may not have had a guaranteed deal but a guy the team liked and was getting minutes. With Greg Oden and Joel Pryzbilla out, Pendergraph was not only going to be on the roster, he was going to get burn.

Then Pendergraph went down in a preseason game, tearing his ACL and ending his season.

Today he was cut loose by the Trail Blazers to get their roster down to 15. (As part of his contract, his medical bills during rehabilitation are covered.) It’s a sad story, although Pendergraph likely will be back in someone’s camp next fall.

But it clears the way for Patty Mills to make the roster, and that’s the other side of the coin.

Mills is a player most people remember as that quick little point guard from Australia who led his national team and went to college at St. Mary’s, where he helped that school on to the NCAA Tournament. A guy who was fun and deserved a chance to prove he belonged on the NBA level. He’s the third point guard on a deep NBA team, but now he has a contract and a roster spot. He gets to live the dream.

Ying and yang.