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Video: Kimmel sends Chandler, Rondo on scavenger hunt


Jimmy Kimmel has a regular bit where he gets viewers on Skype then gets them to race around their house finding various items.

If you can do that with regular viewers, why can’t you do that with NBA stars like Tyson Chandler and Rajon Rondo? Of course you can. So Kimmel did. And the results are worth watching.

Hat tip to Knicksnow.com for the video.

Who gets the number wrong on a Michael Jordan statue?


If you don’t have a tween daughter — and if not be so, so thankful about that — then you don’t have to deal with Biebermania. As in Justin Bieber. You know, the guy you fast-forwarded through a performance of at the Grammys. (You do DVR the Grammys and get through them in an hour tops, right?)

If you’re not tied in to all things Bieber (he’s playing in the NBA Celebrity All-Star Game Friday in Los Angeles, be sure to check out his crossover) you may not know about the stir when he went on Jimmy Kimmel Live last week and they pretended to shave his hair. Then he did the final segment wearing a bald cap so it looked like they had done it. Bieber nation freaked out.

Over at Ball Don’t Lie they watched the segment — I’m not going to ask why, for I fear the answer — but they noticed something odd. Check it out what number the Michael Jordan statue is wearing.

[vodpod id=Video.5588204&w=425&h=350&fv=]

Yes, you’re right. MJ was 23 (and 45 for a while, but we choose not to think about those days) but he was never a 32.

Who goofed? I’ve got to know.

Well, there are conspiracy theories — BDL suggests secret love for Will Perdue — but I’m partial to the dyslexic sculptor theory. And, apparently there are similar such misnumbered statues in Puerto Rico and Dubai.

Of course the real question is why is there a life-size MJ statue at a mall in Dubai? I don’t think I want to know the answer to that one, either.

Jimmy Kimmel sued over LeBron spoof — but not by LeBron

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Maybe the only thing as common as outrage at LeBron James this summer was spoofs and Internet videos mocking all things LeBron. Because that’s how we roll here in America! Well, that and we roll to court because we love to sue. So it seems sort of inevitable that a LeBron spoof would end up in court.

We just expected LeBron would send it there, not a rabbi.

Let us explain, with help and a hat tip to our cohort Rick Chandler at Out Of Bounds and the blog On The Red Carpet.

Remember this summer we told you how LeBron paid six figures to meet with the famed Rabbi Yishayahu Yosef Pinto, who is basically the “rabbi to the rich?” Of course you do, you remember everything we write. Anyway, TMZ recently got a hold of a photo out of that meeting and ran it.

That prompted Kimmel to put the photo up on his show and say he had a meeting with Rabbi Pinto, but instead as a joke — because that is what Kimmel does for a living — he ran video featuring someone different, Rabbi Sondick. Oh, just watch the bit yourself.


Now Sondick is suing Kimmel because Sondick says the skit made him “look foolish” and a “laughingstock.”

Um, yes it did. Because Kimmel portrayed Sondick as himself.

Anyway, there you go.

Dwyane Wade on Jimmy Kimmel: LeBron owes Wade a few dinners


My favorite part of this two-part interview: Wade saying he gets texts from players saying they want to come to Miami, but they forget to leave their name.

Fun interview, in large part because Kimmel just crushes it.