Jalen Rose had a really bad Wednesday


Just a quick follow up on a story we covered yesterday.

Wednesday was already going to be one of the worst days in Jalen Rose’s life because a judge sentenced him to 20 days in jail for driving under the influence. Back in March Rose crashed his SUV while driving drunk, but fortunately nobody was injured. Rose starts his sentence next week.

Then on the way home from the courthouse, Rose got popped for speeding. He was going 46 in a 25 mph zone and got written up for it.

Sure, he brought it on himself, but that is still one crappy day.

Jalen Rose to serve 20 days for drunk driving conviction


Back in March, Jalen Rose was arrested for drinking and driving — then he got in more trouble with his employers at ESPN for not telling them about it — has been sentenced to 20 days in jail for the offense, according to Fox News in Detroit.

Rose crashed his SUV then when cops showed up to the crash he was tested for driving under the influence, according to reports. He told police he had six martinis that night, according to the Fox News report.

He will start serving the 20 days next Tuesday.

Rose was a member of Michigan’s Fab Five — he helped put together ESPN’s “30 for 30” documentary on the team — and had a 13-year NBA career, best remembered for his time in Indiana.