Goodman League vs. Indy Pro-Am game on for Sept. 24

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The Goodman League will take on all comers. Well, except the Drew League again. But all other comers.

Just days after agreeing to a game against the Rucker Park league, the Goodman League has agreed to a deal to take on the Indianapolis Pro-Am, according to a tweet from ESPN’s Chris Palmer.

Indy is supposed to roll out a team that includes Eric Gordon, Zach Randolph and George Hill. Goodman will counter with Kevin Durant and friends.

Durant has been at seemingly every pro-am game this summer, taking the Nike “basketball never sleeps” slogan a little too seriously. Still, this one in Indy should be fun.

Eric Gordon’s “I’m Home” dunk

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Eric Gordon went home to Indiana, to show just how big he has gotten since he left, how much he has matured. That shiny Gold Medal from Turkey.

Not so much the Clippers, just kind of ignore them. Well, except for Blake Griffin.

And for his homecoming, Gordon gives you, the fans of Indiana, this monster dunk. Enjoy in the spirit it is given.