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Delonte West thinking less Home Depot, more Sam’s Club


We told you last week how Delonte West said he applied for a job at Home Depot to work during the lockout. And because it’s Delonte we weren’t sure if he was kidding or not.

He wasn’t (and he hasn’t heard back yet). But in comments to ESPN, he actually sounded a little more down to earth than most NBA players about making money during the lockout than most NBA players.

And he seemed to have a good sense of humor about it.

“I actually might have work with Sam’s [Club], BJ’s, selling knives,” West said. “That’s pretty cool too. I get a microphone and everything….

“With the lockout going on, guys could be anywhere in the world vacationing, but they’re right here supporting the people,” he said. “The people are going through a lockout just like we are. They make it a lot about us, but the average American is going through a lockout themselves.”

West will be an unrestricted free agent whenever the lockout ends. Just like a lot of other Americans.

Did Delonte West apply for a job at Home Depot?


“I was wondering if you have three-quarter inch… hey, aren’t you Delonte West?”

That very conversation could be happening at a Home Depot if the lockout drags on. That’s because on twitter, West tweeted this:

It’s official.. Pride 2 the side.. just filled out a application at Home Depot.. Lockout aint a game..

West can’t go overseas to play due to his legal issues, so he has to make some money here in the states.

Is he really that broke? Maybe, he has other tweets about money issues, but the guy made $1 million last season and $14 million over the course of his career. My guess is he is kidding, but who knows?

This ties back to the lockout — the owners are counting on players hurting for money and pressuring Billy Hunter and the union brass to compromise. The owners can hold out — guys like Lakers owner Jerry Buss and Mavs owner Mark Cuban may not want to miss many games, but the owners have deeper pockets. Some players may crumble.

But there are always jobs at Home Depot.