Dirk Nowitzki wants to leave the NBA’s goaltending rule alone

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NBA_nowitzki2_250.jpgWe told you the D-League will adopt the FIBA goaltending rule — once the ball touches the rim you can go up and knock it off — this season. And that it could be a precursor to an NBA rule change. And that Spurs rookie and Eurostud Tiago Splitter thinks it’s a bad idea.

Now you can count Dirk Nowitzki in the bad idea camp, according to the Dallas Morning News.

“I don’t think it could work here,” Nowitzki said. “Guys are too athletic and too long. I think somebody could spike every ball. There are so many athletes in the league.

“Plus, we want to increase scoring and make the game more fun, not take points away. In Europe, games are in the 60s. Nobody wants to see that. We want to see 110 or 120 points.”

Good points. It may not work. But as a believer in observation, I look forward to seeing it in action in the D-League before making up my mind. I know, that’s very unblogger like. I’ll turn in my card at the door.

Tiago Splitter prefers NBA goaltending rule


Thumbnail image for Tsplitter.jpgTiago Splitter has spent his entire career playing under the FIBA goaltending rule — once the ball hits the rim it’s live and you can knock it off.

David Stern has expressed his admiration of that rule and the D-League will have it next season.

Splitter doesn’t love the idea he told the San Antonio News Express, he likes the NBA rule (you can’t touch the ball when it is in the imaginary cylinder above the rim).

“I think here the people are more athletic, and it’s easier to do that,” he said. “I think it’s better to keep it like it is.”

In international ball you really only see the ball taken off the rim a handful of times a game. But Splitter is right, the NBA is far more athletic and with that guys likely would be more active with this rule. Guys would be looking to swat the ball off the rim.

It’s an interesting idea, we’ll be watching to see how it plays out in the D-League.

D-League to adopts FIBA goaltending, overtime rules; may be NBA testing ground


Thumbnail image for D-league.gifAfter the World Championships, FIBA — meaning the world — adopted some NBA rules. For example, gone is the trapezoid key in international tournaments, replaced by the NBA rectangular key.

But now the NBA may be looking at some FIBA rules in return.

The D-League — often a testing ground for NBA rule changes — is taking on two key FIBA rules, according to Scott Schroeder of FanHouse.

The biggest is the goaltending rule. In international play, once a ball hits the rim it is live, you can go up and knock it off. A shot that bounces on the rim and is settling to fall in can be legally knocked off. (As opposed to current NBA rules, where there is an imaginary cylinder over the basket and any time that the ball is in that cylinder it cannot be touched.)

The other rule is a three-minute overtime, as opposed to the NBA’s five.

This leaves the D-League with different rules than the NBA — guys who are called up will have to change their thinking. But there is nothing wrong with that. Part of the purpose of a minor league is to try things out in game situations, to see what it feels like and how it works.

The goaltending rule would take away some borderline, questionable calls that we see now. But would it really improve the game? Who knows? But it is best to find out in game competition in the D-League rather than toying with the NBA itself just to see.