Video: Lou Williams three sends game to overtime for Sixers

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There was a time, early in the season, when we wondered when the Sixers would start executing and making plays a the end of game and win a few close ones.

Well, they are doing it quite well now. Even if it didn’t come out as planned here.

Watch Lou Williams execute here, knocking down the big three to send the game to overtime Sunday against the Kings. Sacramento went on to win the game, bu the shot is still quality.

Video: Wednesday night game winners (all in one place)

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What a night.

Carmelo Anthony had the big shot to win it, Kevin Durant hit the big one to send it to overtime (where the Thunder won). Dirk Nowitzki missed his chance to joint them. The Jazz got one lucky tip in to get their win.

It was a wild night of buzzer-beater finishes around the Association. But rather than have to suffer through an hour of anchors talking about NFL labor negotiations and hockey highlights to see them, we bring you all the NBA highlight finishes in one easy-to-watch video. You can thank us later.

But wait, there’s more — three game winners in one video

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There was David West and the elbow fade away for the Hornets. Brook Lopez moved into the middle of the lane and hit the jump hook for the Nets despite a sad and funny attempted foul by the Cavaliers. There was Rudy Gay from the baseline winning it for the Grizzlies.

Three dramatic game winning shots on one night. And so to get you ready for tonight’s action, we revisit one last time the three game-winning shots from Monday night. Enjoy the video.

Which one was the best? I’ll take West for the win.

Video: Monta Ellis game winner. Clutch.

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Monta Ellis may well get left out of the All-Star Game, and it will be an injustice when it happens. (And then you will look at the guards you would have had to knock out of the game to get him there, and you will shrug and say it’s impossible.)

He got the Warriors the win over the Pacers Wednesday with a beautiful isolation play — a crossover to get a little separation, a couple quick dribbles to get to his spot at the elbow and a sweet jumper.

It was an All-Star’s move.

Video: Vladimir Radmanovic sends game to overtime

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Two seconds left in the game, up three — what should have been the Kings defensive priority? Defend the three point shot you say? Ha.

Watch the video below of Vladimir Radmanovic’s dramatic shot to send the Kings/Warriors game to overtime Tuesday and look how well the Kings defend the paint on this one. Nobody is going to get off that jumper from the elbow. Meanwhile VladRad slips out unnoticed for the open-look three. Sure a King defender fell but damn, just one thing to watch here guys.

Props to Radmanovic, he nailed it.