Nuggets say Gallinari suffers “significant” ankle sprain

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It’s not good. It’s not as bad as was reported last night, so that’s a relief. But it’s not good.

The Nuggets are reporting Danilo Gallinari’s injury as a “significant” ankle sprain, but not the chip fracture that was reported last night. Here are the tweets of interest from Sam Amick of Sports Illustrated.

Nuggets say Danilo Gallinari’s “chip fracture (in his left foot) was from a prior injury probably before professional career began.”

Gallinari, who turned the ankle Mon. night, will remain in a walking boot for 3 to 5 days. Treatment will be for a significant ankle sprain.

Gallinari not only brings 17 points per game (and a stretch four that is hard to guard) to the Nuggets offense, he is key to their system that keeps the ball moving. And he’s been good on defense. They are going to miss him.

But not for as long. A chip fracture means bone fragments are pulled off as part of the sprain and that recovery takes months. This sprain may take a few weeks, but that is better than the alternative.

Nuggets’ Danilo Gallinari out with chip fracture in ankle


This is a blow to a Nuggets team that has been one of the best offenses in the league

Denver’s leading scorer Danilo Gallinari has gone down with a chip fracture in his ankle from when he rolled it in the third quarter of Denver’s loss to the Rockets Monday night.

A chip fracture, also known as an avulsion fracture, is when fragments of bone chip off the main bone because the ligament or tendon dethatched and pulled them off during the injury. Yes, it hurts. Treatment time depends on the size of the chip and other factors, they will know more after an CT scan on Tuesday, reports the Denver Post.

However, this is going to be in the ballpark of three weeks or a month, which is pretty common with this kind of injury.

Gallinari is averaging 17 points a game and if anyone was going to represent the Nuggets at the All-Star game it likely would have been him. Now that appears out. Gallo also brings good ball movement in the offense and solid defense to the table in Denver.

Denver has prided itself on a balanced offense and guys like Al Harrington are going to have to step up, but Gallinari’s steady shot is hard to replace.

Nuggets lose Gallinari for 7-10 days with broken toe

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Denver pushed hard to make sure they got Danilo Gallinari as part of the Carmelo Anthony deal, but they’re not going to get much out of him for a week or so.

Gallinari sat out Monday night’s Nuggets win against the Hawks and will miss the next week to 10 days because of a broken toe the team announced. Before the game he was said to be out with a sprained toe but rather than go hockey playoffs with the injury report, the Nuggets came clean.

Gallinari seemed to be fitting in well, dropping 30 in his second game as a Nugget, including hitting the dagger three to win the game. The Nuggets beat the Hawks without the big Italian, but they are a much more dangerous offensive team with him.